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Feb 20th 2008

Silence is golden. Ignorance is bliss.

Chris Matthews humiliates Obama’s supporter, then Hillary’s gal says that Clinton has “legislative accomplishments all across the world”, and then uber-liberal unbiased Keith Olbermann cross examines Matthews.


As to Olbermann’s point, off the top of my head I can think of a bunch of stuff that the Senate has done in the past seven years: went to war with Afghanistan and Iraq, passed Sarbanes-Oxley, McCain-Feingold, Bush’s tax cuts, and No Child Left Behind. There was also the Patriot Act, confirming two Supreme Court justices, authorizing further funding for the war(s), and now…finally…Arlen Specter wants to examine the sensitive matter of Bill Belichick’s cheating. So, yeah, the Senate has had quite a bit of stuff going on lately (most recently, FISA).

The point that Olbermann could have made is that Clinton has basically been running for prez since she got to the Senate, just like Obama has.

3 Responses to “Silence is golden. Ignorance is bliss.”

  1. The thing I wanted to see was for Matthews to then ask the Clinton supporter to name the “numerous” legislative accomplishments of Senator Clinton that she seemed to be talking about.

    I can’t think of anything memorable that she has done…other than vote for the Iraq war. Seriously…

  2. MIguel

    MIchelle Malkin (and Boortz, et al.) made andinteresting inquiry–why dowe want more “legislative accomplishments”? Such things are almost invariably expansions of government hassles. Instead, maybe we should applaud a lack of action in congress–thst way at least nothing else is being screwed up.

  3. doug


    I think you’re generally right…although there are a lot of legislative accomplishments that are very worthwhile from a conservative point of view.

    For example, helping pass Bush’s tax cuts, getting conservatives on the court, stopping the bridge to nowhere, or (as Obama actually did) spearheading efforts to pass transparency reform.

    In short, a legislative accomplishment doesn’t have to create a new program.