we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Sep 8th 2003

some leftovers from the trip home

1. politics in kentucky can get downright scary [link removed; it used to go to a site called “mullets for chandler” but the domain probably expired and it appears to have been spam-farmed into something else]

2. we had some problems with our computer’s modem at home, as i said. this basically describes my internet experiences while i was there.

3. i haven’t said much about treason yet. so now i will. it was GOOD. i finished it in 4 days. ann looks at specific cases, like the historical treatment of mccarthyism, the 2000 presidential election, and ken starr’s investigation of bill clinton and uses them to show that liberals hate america. she tells the story of joe mccarthy without boring her readers. she spices things up by comparing the behavior of democrats in the early-mid 20th century to their behavior in the most recent controversies, such as the war on terrorism, and homeland security issues. it’s a wonderful book and (as she claims) she could win her case in court. the funny thing is that, as in the recent example of johnny depp, these america-hating liberals keep popping up everywhere. i thank ann for exposing them for who they are, so real americans know to keep their distance.

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