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Jul 13th 2007

some thoughts on the glasgow terror attacks


(1) why in the world is one of the bombers recovering in the ICU at a glasgow hospital? the god-fearing part of me tells me i shouldn’t be asking this question, but WHY did someone save his life? this fact says something about the west: either we are too nice or too dopey. i hope we are just nice. apparently, the terrorist was on fire. who was the genius scotsman who said, ‘hey, let’s put out the fire and save the terrorist’s life!’ ? if you ask me, he should have been thinking, ‘if this blaze dies down, i’d better make sure i’m near enough to stomp on his trachea with my trainers.’

(2) the attack happened at an airport, correct? where is all the footage of the actual attack (as opposed to footage of its aftermath) from closed-circuit airport TV? if i don’t see some of that CCTV tape soon, i’m going to buy a new domain: 6/ it would have been entirely too easy for george bush or the mossad to have faked the attack in order to blame the religion of peace — AGAIN!

(3) mostly unrelated gripe: why does fox news insist on calling suicide bombers around the world “homicide bombers”? their news readers sound completely retarded when they say this. all bombers are, presumably, homicide bombers. the word ‘homicide’ does not add anything to the description. whereas, calling them ‘suicide bombers’ does help us understand that the terrorists in question are not only killing innocent people, but themselves as well. for whatever reason, fox tried to change the way people talk about suicide bombers, and they failed: they are the only ones using the completely redundant phrase “homicide bombers.”

3 Responses to “some thoughts on the glasgow terror attacks”

  1. Certain conservative talk show hosts use the redundant “homicide bomber” term, too. I’ve always laughed at anyone who uses it. What other end could one hope to achieve by bombing something? Besides being redundant and retarded sounding, it doesn’t fit with the whole idea of a “War” on Terror. “Homicides” generally full under police jurisdiction, not military.

  2. I think your joking, but I’m also surprised there never was CCTV video of the attack actually happening.

    And I think the value of saving the terrorist’s life is that he and the other fool that were captured are potential treasure troves for information. However, I would not risk death or injury to myself in order to save him.

    The only other random and pointless thing that really caught my eye with this was the spraying of what looks like water on the fire that is probably fuel based. Don’t airports have foam or something due to the nature of fire threats there??

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