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Jun 4th 2009

Some thoughts…

I haven’t blogged in a while. Here are some random thoughts from the past couple weeks:

I don’t get the hubbub about Obama talking about his Muslim roots. It’s great that Obama can reference his Muslim roots to impress the Middle East, gain cred in region. This is a positive for America. Right? Understandable he downplayed those roots in general election, since like many liberals, his campaign believed that America is full of bigots. I take anything he says about religion with a grain of salt, the preponderance of the evidence seems to point to the fact that he’s atheist or agnostic.

Car companies. Toyota just posted a bigger loss than GM. The car companies have suffered because of lack of credit. The current automotive crisis is not isolated to Detroit or the big three. It has to do with people not being able to buy cars, not that the companies aren’t producing cars that people want.

The Tiller (abortion doctor) killing. Bad news for pro-life movement as the media puts pro-lifers in horrible light. Sadly, a military recruiter was gunned down this past week as well. Not quite as much attention, and no uber-quick public condemnation from Obama (no official release at all). Telling.

Soccer.The US is not the 13th best soccer team in the world. Just sayin’.

Sonia Sotomayor… From what I’ve read so far, an unfortunate choice. Obviously she’s not dumb. Princeton, Yale, yada yada yada. But when folks from your ideological persuasion are mumbling about you not being the brightest of lights… Some of her decisions raise questions, most don’t, more than anything her comments about being a Latina (and now from ’94 about being a woman) leading to better decisions are odd. I think Obama could have done better, but he apparently opted for identity politics rather than legal briliance (perhaps not bad news for “conservative” jurisprudence).

NBA Finals. I was really hoping for a Nuggets/Magic series. The Kobe/Lebron hype was becoming insufferable. I wonder if a Dwight Howard puppet moves in with The King and The Black Mamba. Does he get a Superman figurine on the mantle? Magic in 6.

8 Responses to “Some thoughts…”

  1. I am a babe in arms when it comes to international soccer knowledge. Is the US lower than 13th, I assume you’re saying…?

    Great post though.

  2. Al

    Car Companies – We all knew they would “go under” (bankrupt) but we still needed to pour billions into them. Romney has had it right all along saying they need to fail. They need to be restructured. No worries though! Now the the government owns them they will easily cut the fat and decrease spending. Because our government is really good at that!

  3. bnice


    your allegiances are now clear on soccer. please never come back to america….unless you bring a lassie.

  4. bnice

    also, i doubt argentina would have fared much better on that pitch.

  5. N Chung

    Who of Sotomayor’s ideological persuasion think she’s not that bright?

    Do they have affirmative action for Magna Cum Laude?

  6. doug

    The legal affairs editor of The New Republic, for one.

    I think a lot of liberals were hoping Obama would put an intellectual counterweight to Scalia, Roberts, etc, on the court. It seems that he opted for identity politics instead.

  7. doug


    And Argentina may not be #7 in the world. They can’t blame the massacre in Bolivia on altitude, just as the USA can’t blame a poor outing on the pitch.

    The more I watch international soccer though, the more pessimistic I get about US Soccer. The US just doesn’t have the skill set of so many other teams. I hope they do well next year, but this World Cup I won’t be getting my hopes up like I did in 2006.

  8. Doug: “We sucka mucho!”