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Apr 29th 2009

Someone Better Be Fired For This

April 28 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama ordered a review of a publicity-photo shoot with one of the planes that serves as Air Force One that cost taxpayers $328,835 and caused a furor in New York City.
[Y]esterday’s low-altitude flight over New York Harbor….rattled windows in New York’s financial district and prompted some office workers to flee buildings in fear it was a terrorist attack.
The flight by the VC-25, a modified Boeing Co. 747, and two F-16 fighter jets cost $328,835, Air Force spokeswoman Vicki Stein said.

[source: Bloomberg]

Over $300,000 to “update” the stock photos of Obama’s plane? Exposure for millions in civil damages to people injured in the panic?

Someone better be fired for this.

2 Responses to “Someone Better Be Fired For This”

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  2. Sean Hannity made a funny comment the other night when he said, “they could have photoshopped it for free.”

    This is the kind of stuff that makes Obama’s $100 million pledge look so ridiculous. You could probably trim $100 billion if you took a hatchet to the federal government instead of Obama’s beloved scalpel.