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Sep 22nd 2006

strike two, ahmadinejad

how now brown cow

the time interview was bad.

this is worse. this interview with anderson cooper goes so badly for the iranian president that i had to watch it over a second time to truly grasp the depth of his stupidity and the pungency of his lies.

the nuts and bolts of the interview are appalling. ahmadinejad asserts there were only 2 million military casualties in WWII (that’s off by over 90%). he asks why no one is allowed to research the holocaust (?). and in response to cooper’s question, “why can’t you be for a palestinian state and believe the holocaust occurred?” ahmadinejad tenders the following response: “you don’t speak for all americans….but all americans pretty much ask me that same question.” that’s the whole response. does he even know what question he is answering? does he realize he just half-refuted his own response? does he care? (answers: no; no; and probably not)

this is the bottom line, folks: ahmadinejad is so dumb, it would be unconstitutional to execute him in the united states. see atkins v. virginia, 536 US 304 (2002) (the execution of mentally retarded criminals is “cruel and unusual punishment” prohibited by the eighth amendment).

ahmadinejad is going to have nukes in a couple of years, and his IQ is still going to be below 60. i am aghast that a man this dumb leads a nation.

video clip is available here; transcript is copied below:

COOPER: You have repeatedly implied that the Holocaust never happened. And it certainly seems to be the — and implied that more research needs to be done on whether or not it did happen.

I mean, the argument could be made that the genocide was perhaps the most well-documented genocide of the 20th century. Do you really believe that the Holocaust never happened?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): I would like to raise a question. If this event happened, where did it happen? The where is the main question. And it was not in Palestine. Why is the Holocaust used as a pretext to occupy the Palestinian lands?

That subject, how is it connected to the occupying regime in Jerusalem?

COOPER: You do realize, though, why it would be deeply offensive to so many people that you use — that you even say “if it ever happened”?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): Well, you don’t speak here for all Americans. In the past two or three days, I have met with many members of the media and the press here, some who are even related to the U.S. government. But the questions are the same across the board.

COOPER: President Bush, at the U.N. spoke — tried to speak directly to the Iranian people yesterday. And he said…

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): Did you get the answer you wanted about the Holocaust?


COOPER: No, I didn’t, but I know my time is limited.

I — it is a fascinating subject. I mean, I think what people in America are…

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): Are you asking the questions that are on your mind or questions that are given to you by others?

COOPER: Actually, in America, we have a free press, unlike in — in — in parts of Iran.

11 Responses to “strike two, ahmadinejad”

  1. Ryan

    I saw a re-run of the interview and laughed out loud at Anderson Cooper’s last line quoted here.

  2. APJ

    I too laughed out loud at Anderson’s last line, the ‘unlike in Iran’ one. I laughed because Anderson sounded silly and defensive.

    Frankly all this talk about Ahmadinejad being retarded, incompetent, evil, etc. is getting really tired. Perhaps the comparisons to Hitler are apt; but I would like to see more analysis and less name calling than I’ve seen here lately.

  3. Ryan

    APJ, it was funny because it laid bare the utter FACT that Ahmadinejad can’t dance his way with words out of tough questions.

  4. doug

    ahmadinejad is so dumb, it would be unconstitutional to execute him in the united states.

    That should be the new blog slogan once we pass the 5th anniversary of Mitch’s untimely death.

    Of course, I don’t think the guy can be that dumb. He did manage to become the head of Iran. But, as a side note, Google some analysis of Mahmoud’s blog (yes, he has one). I remember reading how it reflected his rural upbringing and his disdain for the intellectual, urban class. Anyways…

  5. APJ

    If I had to speculate, I would say all the mindless insults directed at Ahmadinejad are knee-jerk reactions from those who deep down realize that, abroad, our president says things that are just as ‘stupid and retarded,’ only Bush also exudes a certain arrogance when he speaks (and already has a nuclear weapon). So, naturally, ‘patriots’ feel the need to go on the offensive against Ahmadinejad and Chavez. Nothing like a little mindless name-calling to boost the patriotism.

  6. doug

    Ahh…c’mon APJ, you have to smile a little bit when this dude claims to be perplexed and wonders why he isn’t allowed to research the holocaust (“if it did indeed happen”).

    And then intimating that Anderson Cooper is given questions by “higher-ups” as part of some conspiracy of the entire U.S. media? (“all the questions are the same”) Classic!

    I mean, well, geee whiz Mahmoud! Maybe if you didn’t threaten to destroy Israel, deny the holocaust, and try to build nukes you would get more questions about your hobbies or favorite books.

  7. APJ

    I don’t know…I thought he was polking fun at Anderson for giving him the ‘talking points’ we’ve all heard before about Ahmadinejad more than he was implying a U.S.-wide media conspiracy.

    I mean, Anderson asks him, “But can’t you see how it’s offensive to even suggest such….” Anderson doesn’t try to get him to open up and expound on any idea; it would have been truly interesting to watch Ahmadinejad respond to good questions (like, “What, if anything, has led you to conclude that the Holocaust did not occur as commonly portrayed?”). But Anderson just set it up to devolve into a finger-pointing contest, culminating with Anderson’s “Well, at least we have freedom of the press, unlike you” comment.

    And I’ll go ahead and out myself as either very ignorant or very open-minded, but: who cares what he thinks about the Holocaust? Is belief in and understanding of the Holocaust somehow important in managing the affairs of a modern nation? I don’t care if he doesn’t believe in Jesus, George Washington, or the extent of the Holocaust. Yes, his view may be offensive to some, but such is the price of free speech, thought, and expression. I’m sure he would be just as pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel regardless of whether he discovers irrefutable evidence of the Holocaust or not.

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