we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Dec 7th 2006

UK law school: one of top 25 friendliest to women

break out the bubbly! i have, on two occasions now, overheard the campus tour guides at the university of kentucky telling visitors that the law school is “in the top 25 in the country.” whenever i hear this, i look up from my casebook with this face: in early 2005, when i applied, UK was […]

Oct 6th 2006

Andr̩s Calamaro РTe Quiero Igual

Como expliqué la semana pasada en mi post de Los Auténticos Decadentes, cada viernes posteo una canción de rock nacional (argentino) para celebrar la llegada del bendito finde. Esta semana, un artista que no necesita introducción: Andrés Calamaro, de su disco Honestidad Brutal. Andrés Calamaro – Te Quiero Igual [audio:]

Sep 29th 2006

Los Aut̩nticos Decadentes РSigue Tu Camino

Creo que todos los viernes voy a “postear” una cancion de rock nacional (argentino). Así que para inaugurar este tipo de post pongo una canción de uno de mis grupos favoritos, Los Auténticos Decadentes (un placer pecaminoso, unos dirían…). Los Auténticos Decadentes – Sigue Tu Camino [audio:]

Sep 21st 2006

Los Callejeros en Córdoba

Los Callejeros están dando un concierto en Córdoba hoy. Los Callejeros regresan a los escenarios después de una ausencia larga, debido a la tragedia de Cromañon en 2004. Si no pudiste llegar al Chateau Carreras, acá tenés para escuchar tres de los temas que ellos tocaron hoy. Supongo que eso sería casi todos los lectores […]

Mar 16th 2006

AUDIO memories: ted kennedy on barack obama

today my sister asked me what i think of illinois senator barack obama. that brought to mind a recent ted kennedy moment. in this short

Mar 12th 2006

AUDIO: jay bennish “teaching” geography

audio as recorded by student sean allen. bennnish, on the today show, claimed he was merely presenting a different perspective to challenge the students. listen for yourself and see if you agree.

Mar 2nd 2006

david gregory reporting from [hiccup] india

previous david gregory coverage here. videos here and here. white house correspondent, david gregory, called imus from india thursday, apparently while he was completely tanked. following is the transcript and the complete audio, courtesy of drudge and radioblogger. AUDIO GREGORY’S GIGGLES: NBCNEWS WHITE HOUSE REPORTER CALLS SHOW WHILE ‘DRUNK’? Thu Mar 02 2006 08:52:09 ET […]

Jun 30th 2005

NPR on america

i began writing this draft last fall and lost interest, so it was never actually published. i present it here, still unfinished, but still thought-provoking outrageous enough. the subject is also very appropriate for the july 4th weekend. a couple of the jokes are kind of dated. one is the reference to the “special national […]

Feb 23rd 2005

hilarious end to ward churchill’s university of hawaii visit

i just got done listening to “professor” ward churchill’s Q&A with reporters in hawaii. the first four-fifths of the discussion are relatively normal, if you disregard the screeching introduction offered by the host, which sounded more like a rousing international A.N.S.W.E.R. protest than a civilized, academic Q&A. but as the Q&A went on, the fawning […]

Feb 19th 2005

AUDIO: napoleon dynamite soundboard featuring napoleon and pedro quotes

hear your favorite napoleon dynamite quotes in soundbyte audio form at there’s a napoleon dynamite soundboard and a pedro sanchez soundboard. tip of the hat to mason. our other napoleon dynamite posts are here.