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A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Dec 21st 2006

Telefonía Celular en Argentina

Esta mañana encontré esta página que alinea los rubros más denunciados ante la Dirección General de Defensa y Protección al Consumidor en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Como ves, las empreses de telefonía celular tienen más que el doble de las denuncias del rubro electrodoméstico (lo cual termina #3, después de “otros”). En fin, tiene 23% de […]

Dec 21st 2006

Cell Phones Suck in Argentina, Too

This morning I came across a ranking of official complaints to Consumer Protection in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It shows the percentage of complaints by industry. As you’ll notice, cell phone companies have more than twice as many complaints as home appliances (which is #3 after the catch-all “other”).

Dec 20th 2006

motorola audex jacket: can you say ‘instant laughingstock’?

look at this jacket (go ahead, laugh). it is ridiculous-looking. who in their right mind is going to want to wear it? the motorola audex jacket is an “i love the 2000s” instant hit. i mean, you could make a VH1 “i love 2006” right now, and this jacket could be your headline joke. you […]

Dec 19th 2006

and so the lie spreads

now someone has decided your pet should believe in santa claus. Santa Claws® In-Store Photo Event. Visit a PetSmart store near you for pet photos with Santa Claws. when will enough be enough for people? it started out innocently, i suppose: old lie kid: “where did these presents come from mom and dad?” parent: “a […]

Dec 15th 2006

Verizon Employees: Dumber Than Dumb

This is unreal. Verizon has some the dimmest bulbs in America working at their call centers. Background: this poor cell phone customer tries to explain the difference between .002 cents and .002 dollars. Kudos if you can make it through all 22 minutes…it’s tough, but worth a few laughs. The supervisor who is on for […]

Oct 14th 2006

ESPN’s obsessions: cross-promotion and terrell owens

first, terrell owens. ESPN has become the channel for “all TO, all the time.” thank goodness i tivo sportscenter so i can fast-forward through most of it. their coverage is football-heavy as it is–so much time is devoted to the odd-shaped ball that they have time to give helpful hints to viewers, as if the […]

Aug 29th 2006

After I purchased a memory upgrade through their website, they emailed to ask if I would like $5 back on my order? (who wouldn’t?) They promised that if I posted a link to their site from mine, mentioning some of the keywords they want to be associated with, I would receive $5. This is valuable […]

Jul 25th 2006

Total Property Management – Horror Stories

A regular all-encompassingly reader, “Anonymous Renter,” has started a blog detailing the experiences that various tenants have had with Provo apartment complex management companies. In particular, with a big company in Provo, Total Property Management (click the link to be taken to the blog). What can I say? Total Property Management (TPM) is a Provo […]

Jan 14th 2006

american express one card

i read their two-page ad today in time magazine. mother and son are pictured playing miniature golf. she poses the dilemma: i want him to learn the importance of saving. he wants whatever he sees on television. any ideas? the answer: there’s one from american express. every time you make a purchase, we’ll make a […]

Jan 14th 2006

race to “tree bark” flavor

apparently, atkins advantage and powerbar are in some sort of race to see whose bars can taste more like tree bark. see the text of a recent atkins ad: 90% less sugar and 70% more protein and fiber than PowerBar. mmmm. squirrels everywhere are salivating.