we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Sep 25th 2008

Edwin Baptiste catch from Morgan State – video

Amazing football catch. Wow.


Sep 25th 2008

Fox BBQs Barney and Chuck



Sep 24th 2008

Here comes the clown patrol cavalry

Does anybody honestly think these guys are going to do anything remotely helpful as they rush through a bill to “save the economy”?
I concur with Dan Flynn. This bailout is a steaming pile of…you know what.
Just after Bush’s speech tonight MSNBC went to Chris Dodd to get his thoughts on the crisis. I […]

Sep 13th 2008

Disturbia, Read Window, and a short story

If you love Hitchcock and also saw Disturbia, this is a fascinating law suit. The Dreamworks flick clearly was a 2007 remake of the Hitchcock classic Rear Window. The plot was the same, albeit with a younger cast and based in suburbia rather than an apartment complex.
Well, now the estate of the author […]

Sep 13th 2008

Hilarious New Site

A new site by WordPress guru Mark Jaquith: Wordsplosion.
I can haz wordsplosions!
Check it out.

Sep 12th 2008

Hugo Chavez sin sus medicamentos

IMPERDIBLE este video de Hugo Chavez!


Sep 11th 2008

George W. Bush & 9/11

I think that Ann Coulter gets this exactly right:
As Bush has said, we have to be right 100 percent of the time, the terrorists only have to be right one time. Bush has been right 100 percent of the time for seven years — so much so that Americans have completely forgotten about the threat […]

Sep 11th 2008

Mega Doner en Córdoba

Un artículo acerca de la historia de mi restaurante preferido de fast food en Córdoba Argentina, Mega Doner.
Nuri Kovanci es un alemán que en el 2001 vino de intercambio estudiantil a Córdoba. Tanto le gustó la Docta que juró volver para quedarse. Con esa convicción, en el 2006 desempacó maletas y abrió el primer Mega […]

Sep 7th 2008

Obama: Standing up to his own party.

Hilarious pwnage [editor: what is pwnage?].

Unanimous Consent We Can Believe In™
Hat tip: Hotair.

Sep 4th 2008

[Community] Organizing My Email

This just came from into my inbox, re: “What Sarah Palin’s speech told us.”
It told us that she can be condescending and dismissive of the real work Barack Obama did helping real people on the South Side of Chicago.
Are people clamoring to move to the south side of Chicago because of the work Obama […]