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A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Sep 25th 2008

I’m with Ralph Nader on the $700,000,000,000.00 Bailout

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

I’m with Ralph Nader because he is the only presidential candidate showing real leadership by talking sense about the trillion dollar bailout.
For example, how do we know the world will end if we don’t bail lenders out by this weekend? And why can’t the US government, as Nader suggests, provide bailout money […]

Sep 25th 2008

Fox BBQs Barney and Chuck



Sep 24th 2008

Here comes the clown patrol cavalry

Does anybody honestly think these guys are going to do anything remotely helpful as they rush through a bill to “save the economy”?
I concur with Dan Flynn. This bailout is a steaming pile of…you know what.
Just after Bush’s speech tonight MSNBC went to Chris Dodd to get his thoughts on the crisis. I […]

Jul 3rd 2008

Glenn Beck: Right on oil.

I know that Glenn Beck comes off sometimes as a bit bombastic, being a radio personality and all. But his recent piece on CNN about energy in general and oil in particular is, well, a pretty good read.
He addresses a lot of the talking points regarding off-shore drilling, gas prices and speculators, among other […]

Jun 19th 2008

Lunacy – The Video

Without comment, I bring you Malia Lazu from Oil Change International:

May 27th 2008

On Globalization and the Cognitive Age

A great piece by David Brooks re: Globalization.
If you go into a good library, you will find thousands of books on globalization. Some will laud it. Some will warn about its dangers. But they’ll agree that globalization is the chief process driving our age. Our lives are being transformed by the increasing movement of goods, […]

Feb 27th 2008

Alberto Fernández: Idiota.

Como si necesitaramos más pruebas que el gobierno kirchnerista no entiende los principios fundamentales de la economía…
Acá tenemos Alberto Fernández justificando el pedido del gobierno que las empresas den informes en cuanto a sus costos de producción para que “no haya abuso de precios.” Jajaja…
“Los costos determinan el costo final de un producto o […]

Jan 18th 2008

“i personally believe that US americans don’t have maps”

apparently, some americans, even the ones in charge, do not have newspapers either.
at a recent committee meeting, an american congresswoman failed to recognize the federal reserve chairman sitting right in front of her, drawing laughs.

Nov 21st 2007

History of Thanksgiving, Part II

The first Thanksgiving was made possible because the Pilgrims ended their experiment with socialism and embraced private farming.
John Stossel explains:
When the Pilgrims first settled the Plymouth Colony, they organized their farm economy along communal lines. The goal was to share everything equally, work and produce.
They nearly all starved.
Why? When people can get the same return […]

Nov 21st 2007

Krugman vs. Krugman

Brilliant piece by Ruth Marcus.
Game. Set. Match.