we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Feb 8th 2013

Dr. Ben Carson at National Prayer Breakfast

A video making the rounds that is worth a watch, and not because it made President Obama uncomfortable.

Mar 3rd 2011

Why do the union teachers in Wisconsin hate black students?

Just wondering.

May 5th 2009

“Can you get this tape over to Obama? Why, sir? Why?”

Feb 2nd 2008

I Love People

But I hate John McCain. Haha. Ok. Just kidding. 😉 In the midst of my “despair blogging” re: the GOP nomination, I stumbled upon this page over at Wikipedia. What is going on there? Well, it’s a discussion between several people (who have never met) working together to put together an animation of the expansion […]

Dec 30th 2007

education plans: compare romney and huckabee

mitt: wants to improve american science and math programs so we can compete with asia. read more here. Mitt Romney has a winning formula to bring about the change our schools need. Romney has offered a plan for education reform which would expand school choice and strengthen charter schools. Romney would also reward teachers with […]

Aug 28th 2007

irony, thy name is miss teen south carolina

“recent polls have shown a fifth of americans can’t find the US on a world map. why do you think this is?” things you could have said in response to the ridiculous claim that one out of five americans cannot find his own nation on a map: “is it a blank map or a map […]

Jul 6th 2007

greg whiteley’s new movie: resolved

a documentary about high school debate, some have compared it to “spellbound.” check out the trailer at the movie received the audience choice award at last month’s LA film festival.

Jun 24th 2007

diversity at the university of kentucky

this is an email i received from kumble subbwaswamy, university of kentucky provost, on november 20th, 2006. i never blogged it, so i’m fisking it now — travis Diversity is vital to ensuring success as a vibrant institution of higher education, and a critical component of UK’s plan to become a Top 20 public research […]