we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Dec 5th 2015

Carrie Fisher – Good Morning America Interview


Jul 10th 2013

Paper Is Not Dead


May 17th 2013

Can’t Spare a Square

Venezuela, running out of toilet paper.

May 8th 2013


Meghan McCain was quite upset about adulterer and loser Mark Sanford winning the South Carolina congressional special election last night: Which prompted this response:

Jul 18th 2012

Obama’s First Term Accomplishments Listed in this One Definitive Video: Why Barack Obama Should be Reelected!

If you disagree with anything in this video, you need to have your head examined.

May 17th 2012


Apr 18th 2012

Colombian Airline Ad

Secret Service agents: If for any reason you couldn’t see all the tourist sites in Cartagena, we are now offering fares starting at 29,000 pesos. Heh.

Apr 18th 2012

Dick Clark Has Died

Dick Clark has died at 82. This is not expected to interfere with his duties as the host of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. — Jim Norton (@JimNorton) April 18, 2012

Apr 27th 2011

5-Year-Old Screenwriter Of “Fast Five”

Heh. Today Now! Interviews The 5-Year-Old Screenwriter Of “Fast Five”

Mar 23rd 2011

In lieu of flowers…

Heh. In lieu of flowers, the family respectfully asked that donations be sent to the American Cancer Society or to the campaign of whoever is running against President Obama in 2012.