we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Nov 5th 2013

How good is Kentucky this year?

They make trick shots for the opposing team.

Sep 5th 2011

They supposed to be SEC


Aug 26th 2010

Was Kentucky educated in a nativist madrassa as a child?

Howard Fineman of Newsweek accused the entire state of Kentucky of bigotry [based on some recent comments by Mitch McConnell]. Kentucky, Fineman said, is “a state where the nativist appeal outside of Louisville really works big-time.” The Republicans, he said, are “going to use whatever fear message they can. It’s aimed at Kentucky, for sure.” […]

Sep 4th 2009

Massive Catch-Up Post – The Top 80 Stories We Didn’t Blog This Summer

1. May 22, 2009. Olbermann’s hypocrisy on the Gitmo recidivism rate exposed by John Gibson: 2. May 22, 2009. Privatizing education would provide real stimulus. 3. May 22, 2009. Obama’s defense of his national security policies is rife with hypocrisy: [O]n one hand, the president claims that the Bush administration and the post-9/11 Congress went […]

Aug 11th 2009

“Please tell me that I am the first to suggest renaming the restaurant PORKCINI’s”

A comment on the Rick Pitino story at Pitino admitted to Louisville police that he did have consensual sex with Sypher in Porcini’s Restaurant and then afterwards gave her the money necessary to get an abortion. Sypher’s allegations were that the sex was not consensual, although both agree on the location of their first […]

May 4th 2009

Forget Three Strikes, Can’t We All Agree On A One Thousand Strike Law?

Posted on Wed, Apr. 01, 2009 Henry Earl arrested for alcohol intoxication; could get 90 days By Shawntaye Hopkins Henry Earl had been sober for about five months as he participated in an alcohol recovery program at the Hope Center. Then, on Sunday, he was arrested at Woodland Avenue and Maxwell Street for alcohol […]

Mar 29th 2009

Horrible Coach Fired, ESPN Analysts Sure Kentucky Job is Impossible

To Digger Phelps, Dick Vitale, and Pat Forde, and other clueless ESPN analysts and anchors: Update: add Dashiell Bennett (who might be a man or a woman, not sure) to the list of haters. They also have some of the most ungrateful fans in North America. Winning a national championship (which Calipari has yet to […]

Oct 31st 2007

impossible crime occurs at university of kentucky

UK Safety Alert At approximately 2:50 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 30, a male student reported to UK Police that he had been robbed at the corner of University Drive and Complex Drive. The victim stated that he walked passed three males standing in the area and was struck from behind and knocked to the ground. […]

Oct 13th 2007

kentucky football is for real

i wasn’t a believer before. for example, here is a recent email exchange between doug and me: Subject: UK From: Doug To: Travis Date: Sep 28 When are you going to blog about UK football? my response: i still feel like its too good to be true. no longer. early last fall, i was so […]

Jul 26th 2007

hooray, UK is a gun free zone!

like the students at virginia tech, who attended classes in a “gun free zone,” i feel much safer knowing that guns are not lawfully permitted on my college’s campus. Subject: Announcing revised university administrative regulations From: University of Kentucky President Lee Todd Date: July 25, 2007 The university is pleased to announce the issuance of […]