we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Jun 24th 2007

diversity at the university of kentucky

this is an email i received from kumble subbwaswamy, university of kentucky provost, on november 20th, 2006. i never blogged it, so i’m fisking it now — travis Diversity is vital to ensuring success as a vibrant institution of higher education, and a critical component of UK’s plan to become a Top 20 public research […]

Dec 7th 2006

UK law school: one of top 25 friendliest to women

break out the bubbly! i have, on two occasions now, overheard the campus tour guides at the university of kentucky telling visitors that the law school is “in the top 25 in the country.” whenever i hear this, i look up from my casebook with this face: in early 2005, when i applied, UK was […]

Sep 30th 2006

welcome, kentucky conservative bloggers

in connection with the 2nd annual kentucky conservative blogs conference [live-blogged here, here, here, here, and here] and because there is a chance that a few of the many new people i had the opportunity to meet today may be visiting all-encompassingly for the first time, i’ve decided to post links to my past kentucky-related […]

Sep 23rd 2006

why not give each martin, ky resident $138,571.42?

the city of martin, kentucky [view map] is being moved by the army corps of engineers to higher ground. martin is prone to flooding. it has a population of 700 people. the cost of the project is $97 million. [source] i’m no genius, but i do own a calculator. for what the army is spending […]

Aug 27th 2006

comair flight 5191 – lexington, ky

university of kentucky president lee todd, in an email to students, provides a few brief biographies of lives lost in today’s tragedy: Our extended UK family – like many others in Lexington and in Kentucky — suffered a tremendous loss Sunday morning with the crash of Flight 5191. Our thoughts and prayers go out to […]

Sep 8th 2003

some leftovers from the trip home

1. politics in kentucky can get downright scary [link removed; it used to go to a site called “mullets for chandler” but the domain probably expired and it appears to have been spam-farmed into something else] 2. we had some problems with our computer’s modem at home, as i said. this basically describes my internet […]