we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Apr 15th 2009

Tax Facts

Apr 12th 2009

Jeffrey Fisher is Effed Up, Too

[This is another unpublished post from the summer of 2008. It is substantially incomplete, but it is at least readable and there are some decent points in it. In reading these old posts, I seemed to have a lot of anger pent up inside last summer.] In June 2008, the Supreme Court held that a […]

Apr 10th 2009

Eugene Volokh Is Effed Up

[This is another old post that somehow never got published. It is long, but worth reading. You will find some righteous indignation on my part, because I am definitely right and Eugene Volokh is wrong.] Sometimes, I wonder how we can trust law professors to give us decent guidance on anything. They are supposed to […]

Apr 5th 2009

Help Strip the Mormon Church of its Tax Exempt Status!

[This is another unpublished post from last fall. Please enjoy, even though it is not timely anymore.] The LDS Church mobilized in favor of California’s Proposition 8, a ballot initiative that bans gay marriage. Mormons donated $19 million to the cause — nearly four out of five dollars raised. [The initiative passed.] ….. We are […]

Sep 13th 2008

Disturbia, Read Window, and a short story

  If you love Hitchcock and also saw Disturbia, this is a fascinating law suit. The Dreamworks flick clearly was a 2007 remake of the Hitchcock classic Rear Window. The plot was the same, albeit with a younger cast and based in suburbia rather than an apartment complex. Well, now the estate of the author […]

Sep 11th 2008

Come Again?

Did the suit brought by the husband for the injury to him flowing from the alleged wrongful and negligent act of the defendant, which suit was prosecuted to a judgment in favor of his wife as his administratrix, the judgment being paid by the defendant, constitute a bar to the present suit by the wife […]

Jul 31st 2008

Never talk to the police. Ever.

Convincing video that’s making the rounds on the interwebs.  

Jul 23rd 2008

Florida judge has compassion for child predator

This is just sick. Middle school art teacher, Aaron Mohanlal, is walking around free thanks to Broward Circuit Judge Marc Gold. For nearly two years, the South Florida middle school art teacher forced the boy to have sex in a classroom supply closet. Sometimes, Aaron Mohanlal would call in sick to work, take the boy […]

Jul 19th 2008

Why would anyone want to be a lawyer?

On the serious hours lawyers log at the office: “You have to be willing to sleep on the floor of your office to get the good cases,” lamented Marsha Redmon, who worked for six years at both a major law firm and small boutique practice. [source: Lawyers, Pros Say Flex Schedule’s Time Has Come] Sounds […]

Jul 16th 2008

John McCain on Illegal Immigration: “I’m from a border state”

Big deal, gramps. In debate after debate, what was John McCain’s pat response to the claim that he is for amnesty? “I’m from a border state, so I know what to do about illegal immigration.” That is a non-answer answer, just like his response to questions about the economy (“I’m friends with Jack Kemp”). Below, […]