we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Dec 19th 2007

As funny and catchy
as it is disturbingly creepy

Title for the post shamelessly stolen from Youtube commenter lightthiscity11.

Sep 19th 2007

What a Wonderful World

 Hat tip: Alejandro Rozitchner.

Sep 4th 2007

bill cosby on max roach


Jul 8th 2007

sanjaya solution

like doug, i, too, was fascinated by sanjaya’s improbable run on american idol. unlike doug, i did not blog about sanjaya half a dozen times. i wrote this post but never published it. i thought i had found a way for sanjaya to leave the show gracefully. –travis
i’ve got it. invite […]

May 3rd 2007

i have a man crush on blake lewis

and, after that performance, i am not afraid to admit it.

Apr 24th 2007

jimmy kimmel on sanjaya

please pardon our cafeteria-style blogging.

Apr 18th 2007

Joakim Noah voted off America Idol

Joakim Noah was voted off of American Idol. What will America talk about on Thursday mornings now?

Apr 13th 2007

obama’s ho-pocrisy: candidate condemns imus, embraces ludacris

of imus’ “nappy-headed hos” remark, democratic candidate barack hussein obama had this to say this week:

[imus] didn’t just cross the line. [imus] fed into some of the worst stereotypes that my two young daughters are having to deal with today in America. The notions that as young African-American women….that that somehow makes them less […]

Mar 21st 2007

america voted: mel gibson rightly earned rehab with remarks

mel gibson has won our poll, at right, asking which public figure’s comments were most deserving of rehab. it seems many people, myself included, could not separate the booze from the remarks, so mel won. most of the others on the infamous list made their remarks while completely sober (though john f. kerry […]

Mar 20th 2007

amp’d mobile commercial

i am sorry for posting so many videos lately. i have to share this because i laugh out loud every time i see it.
however, my endorsement of this commercial is by no means an endorsement of the featured song or music video.