we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Jan 8th 2012

Tim Tebow Autotune Remix

I think this is appropriate for today…

Oct 15th 2011

Brandon Flowers – Father, Husband, Mormon

Lead singer of The Killers. From the Mormon channel on YouTube.

Oct 5th 2011

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Jan 29th 2011

The Jimmer

It’s Jimmer’s world. We just live in it.

Aug 17th 2010

Ronald Reagan on the expansion of government under Barack Obama

I mean, can we harvest the man’s DNA and raise up his clone to govern us? Why can’t a living elected official explain the problems with the current path our nation is on as clearly as old quotations from Ronald Reagan can?

Jun 22nd 2009

Reflections on the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Third Stanley Cup Championship

Recently, I experienced one of the rarest of joys for a sports fan. The payoff when a team you live and die for as a fan reaches the pinnacle of its sport. To explain: It is rare that I choose sides before a series begins. Other than always supporting my alma maters’ teams and US […]

Mar 1st 2008

A Tribute to The Legacy of Mitch Hedberg

This comment was left on the blog a couple days ago, on an old post that we had about the passing of Mitch Hedberg. In the last few months I have spent a LOT of time in my car travelling back and forth to my folks house. My Mother was diagnosed in mid-November with Stage […]

Dec 21st 2007

Reagan Nostalgia

While it’s easy to grow weary of the “Reagan, Reagan, Reagan…” mantra that has been repeated over and over and over again by the current crop of candidates, we should remember why Reagan is so revered.  

Nov 11th 2007

Veterans Day


May 28th 2007

Memorial Day

Remembering those who paid the ultimate price.