we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Jun 25th 2008

Facebook is personalizing their ads…heh.

Very creative use of my data on Facebook (age) with the easy guess that I am out of shape. 😛

Jun 17th 2008

Firefox 3

Love Firefox?
Get the new version that came out this afternoon!

May 6th 2008

I (heart) Pandora

You never realize how much you love a web service until it’s down.
Pandora went down for me this evening.
If you’ve never used the coolest online radio, check it out.
When was the last time you fell in love with a new artist or song?
At Pandora, we have a single mission: To play music you’ll love – […]

Apr 16th 2008

New Favorite Website

If you thought was good, then you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.*
don’t be the last of your friends to check out, the brand new interactive website where you can do anything!
(I believe its been featured on E! News, the Wall Street Journal, Al-Jazeera, and even got a mention on Idol Gives Back last week)

Apr 14th 2008

MacBook Air Parody – Body Image

Apr 10th 2008

“Google Está Caido”

La respuesta definitiva de Fibertel a Mariano Amartino. Jajaja…
Yo: Hola, tengo un problema… no puedo acceder a Google ni a varios de sus servicios. ¿Cuando van a resolver el problema con sus DNS?
Fibertel: Efectivamente, Google está caído y por eso no puede accederlo.

Apr 6th 2008

Better MacBook Air Commercial Parody

Apr 4th 2008

MacBook Air Parody – video


Mar 13th 2008

You think it. Computer says it.


Feb 23rd 2008

Minority Report tech is arriving shortly.