we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Feb 2nd 2008

I Love People

But I hate John McCain. Haha. Ok. Just kidding. 😉
In the midst of my “despair blogging” re: the GOP nomination, I stumbled upon this page over at Wikipedia.
What is going on there? Well, it’s a discussion between several people (who have never met) working together to put together an animation of […]

Jan 20th 2008

“Ron Paul is the Snakes on a Plane of 2008″

I concur.
Up until now, if you had been reading reddit and other social media sites fairly regularly you would have thought that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul was the second coming. He had a ton of online exposure, support, and young followers. We even wrote about the “Ron Paul effect” on numerous occasions. After being […]

Dec 31st 2007

Australia to Censor Internet

This seems like a bad idea.
Here’s Rod Edwards’ take at TechFold:
At heart, I’m a libertarian: I am firm in my belief that the ills that accompany unfettered access to self-expression and communication are outweighed by the benefits – that the abdication of personal responsibility that seems endemic in our society is a call to community […]

Dec 5th 2007

Web 2.0 Explained


Oct 24th 2007

Donate to Wikipedia

We all use it. Now you can kick in your own $5, $50, $500, or whatever you feel like throwing into the pot.
Donate now.

Oct 20th 2007

Kudos to Chris Dodd

Senator Dodd is going to put a hold on a bill that would grant retroactive immunity to companies who went along with the warrantless data collection nonsense.
Connecticut Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd has vowed to put a hold on a Senate bill that reportedly would grant retroactive legal protection to any phone or internet company that […]

Aug 13th 2007

Pretty Picture of the Day

May all Linux/OSS/FOSS fans enjoy this graphic as much as I do.

Hat tip: Alejandro.

Jul 16th 2007

Buying a Kodak Z885 at Circuit City

I had a supremely pleasant experience buying a budget digital camera at Circuit City on Saturday.
Normally I am loathe to buy electronics at retail stores because the customer service is…well…not actually customer service. So, I was surprised at the great service I got at Circuit City this past weekend. I walked in and […]

Jun 20th 2007

Identity Theft

No one is safe.

Hat tip: The Corner at NRO.

Jun 12th 2007

pc vs. mac

i own both a PC and a mac. both machines have their pros and cons, obviously. my ibook crashes just as much as my PC does. and because of mac’s snide little ads making fun of PCs, i have less patience for my mac’s problems. i am glad somebody made these […]