we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Jul 28th 2012

One Hundred Seventeen

Jul 19th 2012

Mitt Romney Will Brazenly Quote Obama to Get Elected – How Dare He!

Jul 18th 2012

Obama’s First Term Accomplishments Listed in this One Definitive Video: Why Barack Obama Should be Reelected!

If you disagree with anything in this video, you need to have your head examined.

Jul 14th 2012

The New Electric Sound – Heart Beat

The New Electric Sound’s music video for their single “Heart Beat” off their debut self-titled album. Their web site and Facebook page.

Jun 10th 2012

Where are the Obama surrogates?

What on earth is the less-than-smooth David Axelrod doing all these interviews for?

Jun 7th 2012

Green Jobs

The new economy!

May 30th 2012

Soledad O’Brien vs. John Sununu

Soledad: “I was sleeping last night.” Yeah, with Jay Carney apparently.

May 21st 2012


Not sure why Obama’s campaign is providing this video, but here you go: Almost five minutes about how Mitt Romney’s success in private equity doesn’t qualify him to be president because as president you have to help everyone get a job…and wow has Obama done an awesome job of that! Probably why he doesn’t utter […]

May 12th 2012


Apr 23rd 2012

New Sarah McLachlan Animal Cruelty PSA Featuring Bo Obama?

Special thanks to for the production of this PSA. For years, we have been hearing from leftists with complaints about how Mitt Romney transported his dog, Seamus, on a family vacation in 1983. He put the dog in a wind-protected crate on the roof of the family car. He is accused of being cruel […]