we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Mar 16th 2012

Obama, Punching Below His Weight

Mar 2nd 2012

Thank you, Kira Davis

Some sanity from Kira Davis.

If you’re unfamiliar with who Sandra Fluke is…she thinks college students are going broke paying for birth control. Okay….

Feb 29th 2012

Model Of A Government Jobs Program

You would think this is a parody, but it is not. This is Lawrence O’Donnell being serious.

Jan 25th 2012

Someone Is Paying Their Speechwriter Too much

Just saying…

Jan 20th 2012

“I would encourage you to listen to me.”

Oh, Newt.

Jan 8th 2012

Tim Tebow Autotune Remix

I think this is appropriate for today…

Nov 17th 2011

Best. Video. Ever.

Ah…those silly “patriotic millionaires”.

Update: An interesting link from Ed in the comments, Fighting the national debt, out of their own pockets.

Oct 15th 2011

Brandon Flowers – Father, Husband, Mormon

Lead singer of The Killers.

From the Mormon channel on YouTube.

Oct 7th 2011

Born that way?

Is such abject stupidity a personal decision? Or is it genetic?

Sep 5th 2011

They supposed to be SEC