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Apr 15th 2009

Tax Facts

4 Responses to “Tax Facts”

  1. A fundamental truth exists in this world. Democrats believe government is the answer.

    I think it is time for Joe Biden to completely forgo his VP salary. Time to be patriotic.

  2. Al

    I saw a great lecture given by Arthur Laffer on Wednesday here at UVU. I don’t think we can say it is Dem vs Rep, lib vs conserv. Laffer suggests it is redistributionist vs growthist! JKF reduced taxes. Huge reduction in taxes, in fact. He was a dem. Bill Clinton even reduced some taxes. Bush Sr increased taxes. So it is not Rep vs Dem on taxes. It is spend or cut. Typically we think that is Dem vs Rep, but history would say that is not so. JFK ran under two platforms: cut taxes and increase defense spending. What the… But he was a democrat! Yes. But more importantly he was a growthist!
    This was the basic premise of Laffer’s lecture. Political parties do not matter. Economic philosophy does!

  3. Al

    I meant to leave with a conclusion there…

    No where in history has any people, state, or nation SPENT its way to prosperity. It is not possible. And Washington knows this. Everyone knows this will not work. But they have to toe the party line, which is the party of free lunches and free homes. We as a people get the government we deserve. Well, sadly, a majority of the people wanted everything for free. They just don’t realize it will cost them everything in the end.

  4. Good points. I suppose I was addressing the party rhetoric but of course actions speak louder than words. I’m annoyed that the republicans did not insist on no deficit spending while in power the last few years.