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Sep 8th 2008

That should speed things up!

Imagine you are late for work because the subway trains are running slow. What would you do? In Argentina, the geniuses there decided to set fire to the trains.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina: Argentine commuters are so frustrated by delays that some are setting fire to trains.

Police used tear gas and rubber bullets to quell protests in which passengers burned trains in at least two locations near Buenos Aires on Thursday.

A spokesman for Buenos Aires Trains acknowledges the company has trouble meeting rush-hour demand for trains running west from the capital, despite a schedule that has trains leaving every eight minutes.

With brains like this, you have to wonder how South America is still the third world.

Also, Argentina and Chile, take note: Before you build that $3 billion dollar tunnel through the Andes mountains, consider what the protesters will do to it if there is ever a traffic jam.

2 Responses to “That should speed things up!”

  1. MIguel

    Burning trains? what happened, did someone lose (or win) a rugby and/or soccer match?

  2. doug

    The fires were most likely set by (surprise!) union thugs.