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Jan 4th 2008

The Coming Disaster

Huckabee 34 – Romney 25

It was a disappointing night for Romney. But check out this stat:

Here’s one way to look at it: 60% of voters were evangelicals. Huck beat Romney among them 45-19%. 40% weren’t evangelicals. Romney beat Huck among them 33-13%.

Basically, 27 of Huckabee’s 34 points was evangelical support. And now we go to New Hampshire, where Democrats and Independents can vote in the GOP primary.

If Romney loses in New Hampshire then his early state strategy will have failed…and the evangelicals and non-Republicans will have left us with a three way race between Huckabee, McCain and Giuliani. Not a single true conservative among them. Giuliani is the only one I could even support in a general election.

Hopefully Romney can win New Hampshire and Fred in South Carolina, which leaves us conservatives in a much happier place…but I’m not betting on it.

5 Responses to “The Coming Disaster”

  1. My feeling is that if you don’t feel that Romney is genuine enough or religious enough, so be it. But Huckabee? This is almost embarrassing for the republican party in Iowa to vote for Huckabee. A trusted friend told me this may very well illegitimize Iowa’s first in the nation status on the republican side for the future.

    Huckabee managed about 3-4 errors a week once he started to get intense attention. We’re talking about a lack of campaign readiness without appropriate briefings (NIE report), hypocritical position of a positive campaign mixed with very critical rebuking of an opponent (and a ridiculous “positive campaign” press conference), a thoroughly damaging whisper campaign against Mitt Romney’s religion, and a performance on foreign policy that raised far too many eyebrows for someone with the front-runner title.

    I can handle Romney losing, but at least vote for Thompson instead.

  2. Great comment Ryan.

  3. or maybe it is time to switch to the Democratic party…


  4. If it weren’t for Romney’s religion, he’d have topped the primary last night. If it weren’t for Huckabee’s religion, no one would know his name right now.

    However, I believe that Huckabee is to the GOP what Dean was to the DNC 4 years ago. The scrutiny of his record and positions will only increase from this point forward.

  5. Interesting comments Doug. Sad to think that the Iowa evangelicals could spoil Romney’s chances, and help hand the nomination to McCain or Giuliani, who are so unlike the evangelicals in the first place. Crazy Iowan’s don’t seem to think strategically. I guess that’s why they call them Idiots Out Walking Around.