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Sep 29th 2008

The must-watch video on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

Unreal. UNREAL.

Just start watching…the insanity of Democrats is astounding.


Don’t worry though. Once the bailout is passed, these folks will get back to work helping to fix the system.

3 Responses to “The must-watch video on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae”

  1. Miguel

    Good video. I wonder who had all of those CSPAN moments Tivoed.

    The current democratic leadership is clearly delusional (although I was pleased to see that not every democrat is–my democratic congressman in the HOR has shocked me by voting against every bailout that has come to his desk). But I would be interested to see which Republicans were saying the same things about the shady business practices posing no threat–and also which Democrats had a voice of reason (I assume the argument did not split only along party lines, but it very well could have).

    As a side note, I have been impressed with Bill Clinton in recent weeks, for his comment at the end of this video, for his largely non-partisan (although arguable based in fantasy) analysis of the casue of the current economic state (made on the daily show), and for a recent refusal to trash McCain when given the clear invitation by his interviewer. It may just be his trademark ability to please everyone while doing nothing, but either way I have been taken in somewhat by his charisma.

  2. doug

    Good thoughts.

    As for the former prez… I have absolutely loved Bill Clinton the past few weeks. The guy is doing everything humanly possible to deep-six Obama without coming out and saying he is voting for McCain.

  3. Al

    I saw that interview as well and was very surprised by the lack or response. Great video!!!