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Oct 27th 2008

The Redistributor

This was the narrative that McCain should have been pushing ever since…I dunno…June?

Barack Obama wants to redistribute wealth. This goes wayyyyy beyond “tax cuts for 95% of American workers.”



6 Responses to “The Redistributor”

  1. John

    Didn’t Reagan redistribute wealth via the EITC? Didn’t Teddy Roosevelt redistribute wealth? Don’t we redistribute wealth when taxpayers subsidize people who live in $1 million dollar houses?

  2. doug


    Sure. I mean, being literal, we can classify a lot of what government does as “redistributive.”

    I doubt, however, that many people would classify Reagan’s economic philosophy as redistributive. He didn’t rise to the office of the presidency promising redistributive change.

  3. N Chung

    Why hasn’t McCain been pushing it?

    Does that answer your question?

    Now that Joe the plumber gave me an idea, and I’m desperate…

    Obama’s too much of a goody-goody to slam him for his hypocrisy.

  4. doug

    According to the collection of clips in that Youtube video, McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts because he felt the benefits of the cuts were skewed to the wealthy. If you believe his primary election talking points, he was opposed to the Bush tax cuts because he wanted them offset by spending cuts.

    Either option, wanting (a) broader tax cuts or (b) fiscally neutral tax cuts, does not suggest he’s been advocating redistributive change since 2001.

    Obama and McCain are talking about fundamentally different things in these two Youtube videos.

    Now, if your only source of info on Obama is his campaign web site and his speeches, then yeah, Obama 2008 and McCain 2001 sound similar. Yet Obama pre-2008 (and Obama 2008 sans teleprompter) sounds rather, um, different than what he’s selling the American people. Of course, that’s change we can believe in! 😉

  5. N Chung

    Redistributive Change means things like all kids getting the same quality education. Obama’s main point was that such action ought to be implemented through the legislative, not judicial, process. It’s not something Marxist or radical as you make it out to be.

  6. doug

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