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May 28th 2009

The RNC on Nancy Pelosi’s CIA Smear

4 Responses to “The RNC on Nancy Pelosi’s CIA Smear”

  1. Mike

    Travis, you’re keeping pretty quiet about Coach “Teflon” Cal’s latest antics, after all that endless possibilities talk. Let’s see . . .

    He takes lowly UMASS to the final four, then bolts, then, soon after, recruting violations surface. He takes not-quite-so-lowly Memphis to the finals, then bolts, then, soon after, recruitng violations surface. What’s that give him, about 3 years to cheat his way to the top at UK before having to get out of Dodge and coach in Europe?

    Get excited, Kentucky fans, indeed.

  2. travis

    Yes, and I have also been quiet about “Slick” Rick Pitino getting freaky with Karen Cunagin Sypher and getting extorted for it.

    As far as Cal going to Europe, I’d say he’ll end up in China first.

    As far as the UMass and Memphis violations, Cal was not named in any of them.

    “First and foremost, there are no NCAA allegations against UK Head Men’s Basketball Coach John Calipari,” the statement read. “Coach Calipari was forthcoming with the University of Kentucky during the hiring process about any issues under investigation at the University of Memphis at that time. It is normal procedure for the NCAA to ask a former coach to participate in a hearing. Therefore, Coach Calipari will participate as requested.

    “Coach John Calipari has received a letter from the NCAA stating that he is not at risk of being charged with any NCAA violations in this case.

    [source: commercial appeal]

    This is of course very different from the sex Pitino and Sypher had, which, presumably, Pitino would have been directly involved in.

  3. Video is down…

  4. Mike

    I guess I’m not brushed up on the NCAA rules. Is sex between a coach and a consenting adult a recruiting violation?

    And, agreed, Cal will probably be in China, not Europe, in a few years.

    And, holy crap, is UK seriously trying to breach their way out of paying Gillespie? classy as usual.