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Apr 19th 2009

The So-Called “Peace Process”: Does it lead down the road to another Holocaust?

The following piece is reprinted with permission from FLAME (Facts and Logic About the Middle East). Visit FLAME’s website, to see all of their outstanding work.

Israel was founded fifty years ago. It has been a fixture in our lives for all of that time. It has played and continues to play a role — in our emotional lives, economically, politically, and militarily — way beyond its size and its population. Whatever our personal feelings and background, life without Israel is almost unimaginable. But there is a very real possibility that, within a time not too long from now, Israel will no longer exist, that it will be destroyed in a Holocaust even more terrible than the Holocaust of the Second World War, which killed six million Jews.

What are the facts?

Victimized by Arab Myths. Israel is the only country in the world whose legitimacy, whose “right to exist”, has always been questioned. From its very beginning, from before its birth, Israel was surrounded by mortal enemies, single-mindedly obsessed with its destruction. The very day of its birth, in the truncated and minuscule territory assigned to it by the United Nations, six Arab armies invaded the newborn state. In what was clearly a biblical miracle, the invading hordes were defeated by the ragtag Israeli army.

In 1967, the same aggressors launched another attack against Israel, from the north (Syria), from the south (Egypt), and from the east (Jordan). The Six-Day War resulted in a complete rout of the Arabs, and a victory for Israeli arms that will be studied in war colleges for centuries to come.

Unable to vanquish Israel on the battlefield, the Arabs launched a propaganda war that has been very successful, and which the Jews (despite their reputation for being so “smart”) have clearly and irretrievably lost. Among the many myths propagated by the Arabs are that there is such a thing as a “Palestinian nation” (it’s a concept that is not more than 40 years old); that the Israelis (Jews) are “occupiers” (if they were, who would be the sovereign that they displaced?); that Jerusalem is Islam’s “third holiest city” (it’s never once mentioned in the Koran, but hundreds of times in the Jewish Bible); the transformation of the age-old provinces of Judea/Samaria into the “West Bank”; the concept of “settlements” (with its connotation of illegality); and much more.

Israel — Utterly Vulnerable. These and other myths are what fuel the insistence of the Arabs, of most of the world, and, yes, also of the United States, that Israel allow itself to be dismembered and to turn part or even most of its tiny territory over to the “Palestinians”. All concerned know well — and it has been acknowledged by our military leadership — that Israel would be utterly indefensible, at the mercy of its implacable enemies, if it were to divest itself of the Jordan Valley, of the “West Bank”, of the Gaza Strip, and of the Golan Heights. Why then does the world insist that Israel make itself so utterly vulnerable? Does anybody really believe that the “Palestinians”, or any of the Arabs, would be appeased, that they would reconcile themselves to the existence of a diminished Israel, even if Israel were to yield everything, turn the whole country over to the Arabs, except perhaps Tel Aviv and its suburbs? Everybody knows the answer. It would be an emphatic “NO”, because the very existence of Israel in whatever reduced territory is an intolerable insult to the Muslim Arabs, for whom Israel must be rubbed out regardless of the sacrifices to be brought.

Why does the world focus on the spurious claims of the “Palestinians”, an artificially created nationality that never in recorded history had an identity or country of their own? Why is there no clamor that the French and Spanish give an independent country to their Basque minorities? How about the Kurds, who are under the heavy thumbs of the Iranians, the Turks, the Iraqis, and the Syrians? How about the Tibetans, subjugated by the Chinese; and so many others? Nobody cares. Nobody wants to “liberate” them. It’s only the Jews who are being asked to dismember their tiny country, less than half of the size of San Bernardino County in California.

The Arab countries (and Iran) are frantically arming themselves with the most dreadful weapons of mass destruction. As the world knows, it is for one purpose only — their only political objective and their relentless obsession — namely the destruction of Israel. Two or three nuclear weapons would wipe Israel off the map once and for all. Retaliation by Israel, the destruction of major Arab cities, and millions of Arab casualties, would not deter the Muslim fanatics from pursuing their goal. For them, it would be a small price to pay. With Israel dismembered, with five or six Arab states poised to attack with weapons of mass destruction, with 40,000 Palestinian “police” armed to the teeth in Israel’s midst, can anybody really doubt that a second Holocaust, even more terrible than the first one, is just about upon us? During the Nazi Holocaust, the whole world stood silently by and didn’t lift a finger to prevent the most gruesome slaughter of innocents in the history of the world. In fact, many who were given the opportunity joyfully and enthusiastically participated in the bloodbath. By its pious insistence on “justice for the Palestinians” and pursuit of the “peace process”, by fomenting and profiting from the buildup of weapons of mass destruction solely destined for the destruction of Israel, the world actively promotes this second Holocaust. Deep down inside, does the world really want the Jews to live or to disappear?


3 Responses to “The So-Called “Peace Process”: Does it lead down the road to another Holocaust?”

  1. mike

    Interesting. I have to admit that when I hear day after day about some new scuffle between Israelis and Palestinians I really start to not care.

    In my mind it will just always be that way, and no amount of peace talks will make any difference–and the Arabs will always be an incompetent group of ragtags that Israel can quickly be rid of if it is ever willing to wage an all-out war. So far they seem too concerned about details like civilian casualties and human life to achieve actual victory in these territory issues.

    So the first time I have actually contemplated Israel being wiped out was upon reading this article. While I think the inevitability of another Holocaust is a bit overstated, it certainly doesn’t seem impossible.

    I wonder, if that ever happened, what the American news outlets would report. Final solution to the Jewish problem? Or would it actually remind people here that bad people do bad things to people that don’t necessarily deserve it?

  2. Paul

    The history of failed, embarrassing military attacks on Israel makes it transparent what Iran wants to do with nuclear technology. I wouldn’t blame Israel for attacking Iranian nuclear sites.

  3. Al

    I agree with the comments given. I also think it interesting how often Israel is reproved after any type of retaliation. Why do so many European nations condemn Israel anytime they respond?