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May 1st 2009

The Two-State Solution: Will the “Road Map” lead to peace in the Middle East?

Two peoples, the Palestinians and the Israeli Jews living side by side in peace. The “two-state solution” has been proposed for decades to terminate the increasingly violent Arab-Israeli conflict. It is now being resurrected as the “Road Map,” sponsored by the “quartet,” consisting of the United States, Russia, the European Union, and the United Nations.

What are the facts?

A false premise: The basic premise, that the “Palestinians” need and deserve a state, is false. Because there are no such people as the “Palestinians,” and before the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, nobody had ever heard of them. Until Jewish immigration to Palestine began, the country was sparsely settled, inhabited mostly by roving Bedouins. The industry and prosperity, the agricultural development, and modern infrastructure brought by the Jews proved an irresistible magnet for the Arabs from the surrounding regions.

The “two-state solution” has been tried before. Its most recent incarnation was the Oslo Accord, a detailed and elaborate plan, at the end of which a “Palestinian” state was envisioned. Israel, foolishly having acquiesced to the return of Yasser Arafat and his fellow thugs into the country, meticulously adhered to every point of that agreement, and in good faith turned big chunks of its country over to the control of the so-called “Palestinian Authority.”

All the “Palestinians” had to do in return for this generosity, unprecedented in world history, was to renounce violence. But the “Palestinians,” with the enthusiastic support of virtually all of the Arab states and of the Iranians, methodically violated even that modest requirement. They are armed to the teeth and continue to engage in bloody and violent struggle. They have caused untold havoc — close to 1,000 Israeli Jews killed and many more seriously wounded, just in the last two years.

The members of the “quartet” have taken it upon themselves to decide the destiny of Israel, without any consultation with Israel itself. Of its four members, only the United States can be considered friendly toward Israel. But even our country, sad to say, seems to consider sacrificing Israel in the vain hope of currying favor with the Arabs and the Moslems of the world to assuage their rage and anger in the wake of our war with Iraq.

Implacable hostility:
The United Nations are inexorably hostile to Israel, beginning with the infamous resolution that Zionism equals racism. The European Union — unable to shed its centuries-old poison of anti-Semitism and in order to appease an ever-increasing Moslem minority, has cloaked its antagonism toward the Jews into the more acceptable anti-Israelism. Russia, despite its bloody problems with its own Moslems, having killed thousands in Chechnya, but with an eye on the billions of dollars of potential profit from the Arab nations, continues to be steadfast in its opposition to Israel.

At first blush, the “two-state solution” would seem to be a reasonable one: Two states for two peoples. But there are no two peoples; there is only tiny Israel — smaller than Lake Michigan – opposed by the vast array of implacably hostile Arabs — twenty-two states with over 250 million people — who want to carve a “Palestinian” state out of Israel’s heartland. And the Arabs make no secret that that has only one single-minded purpose: to serve as a springboard for the final assault against Israel and its destruction — once and for all.

The world is fixated on creating a state for the “Palestinians,” a non-existing people. Oddly, the world and the U.N. do not show any interest for real peoples, such as the Kurds, who have been languishing for centuries under the yoke of four different nations; for the Basques, whose struggle for freedom from France and Spain finds little sympathy; or for the Tibetans, who have suffered for decades under the brutality of the Chinese. And the United Nations has never acted on behalf of the suppressed Berbers in North Africa or concerned itself with the terrible fate of the Sudanese Christians. No, it is only the “Palestinians” who engage the attention of the world body.

The failure of the Oslo Accord and the bloody and seemingly never-ending intifada have proved that the entire Arab world and the Iranians have only one foreign policy goal, and that is the destruction of Israel. U.S. generals know and Israeli generals know that Israel, without Judea/Samaria (the “West Bank”), is indefensible. The Arabs don’t care about a twenty-third Arab state. They want the destruction of Israel. With the Arabs dominating the Judean heights and with that the ability to cut Israel in two at its narrow 9-mile-wide waist in one armored thrust, the two state so-called “solution” would be the death knell for Israel. It is deplorable that the United States — Israel’s best friend by far — would attempt to impose such a “solution” on its staunchest ally and friend and on the only country in that entire area of the world that shares America’s democratic and humane ideals and on which our country can count in any contingency. No nation can be expected to enter into a suicide pact. Therefore, regardless of what the “quartet” or anybody else might wish to impose on Israel, there will be no “Palestinian” state, no “two-state solution.”

This piece is reprinted with permission from FLAME (Facts and Logic About the Middle East). Visit FLAME’s website, to see all of their outstanding work.


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