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Aug 30th 2006

this fauxtography they catch?

reuters, not so vigilant for fauxtography in the middle east, has exposed some major photo fraud here in the US. did you know that US celebrities have, like every single one of their public photos professionally doctored? it’s true! and reuters has exposed one example of this insidious hollywood cover up! golly, who ever knew this type of thing was going on?


reuters caption:

In this file photo originally released by CBS in May 2006, Katie Couric, who is joining CBS News, greets the audience in Carnegie Hall after CBS announced the network’s 2006-07 schedule to the advertising community. Couric appears significantly thinner in an altered version of this photo that appears in the September issue of Watch!, a promotional magazine that is distributed at CBS stations and on American Airlines flights.

thanks, reuters, for your vigilance in catching the fauxtography that really matters–celebrity airbrushings that appear in free in-flight magazines! your act may yet preserve the integrity of the entire burgeoning complimentary airplane periodical industry.

(now, may i suggest you expand your fauxtography investigative division to catching people in your own organization who submit doctored photos as news?)

respectfully yours,

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  1. Ryan

    To be honest, she is not that fat in the first place…