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Apr 1st 2010

This is NOT an April Fools Joke

This video is real. Hank Johnson is a congressman from Georgia. He does not, however, hold a PhD in geology.

3 Responses to “This is NOT an April Fools Joke”

  1. He’s worried a whole island will “tip over and capsize” by having too many people on it? Amazing. Must represent one of those Cong. District 99’s counted at his party’s “recovery”.gov.

  2. Can you tell me how many nautical miles Guam is from it’s middle to the widest part? I’m just worried that if we let too many boats pass when everyone is on the west part of the island and it is slightly tilted & about to capsize that the boats will get caught under it when everyone moves to the east side of the island.

  3. Dr. Richard Kimball

    hahahahaha this video brought a tear to my eye because it is so funny. as a doctor, i would have to say that this man should be required to do urine tests sporadically throughout the week.