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Sep 26th 2008

Three Quick Thoughts on Debate #1

1. McCain clearly is more comfortable talking specifics about national security than Obama.

2. Neither McCain nor Obama know anything about the economy. The first part of the debate was painful.

3. Obama is a lightweight, phony poser. The most painfully sad part of the debate for Senator Empty Suit:


“OMG!! Hey!! Look at me!! I have a bracelet too! I have no clue whose name is on it, but…uhhh…hmmm…uhhh…”

What. A. Loser.

Update: Oh, geez. Apparently the mom who gave Obama the bracelet asked him to stop talking about it a while ago. Very sad.

3 Responses to “Three Quick Thoughts on Debate #1”

  1. Agreed. You would expect more from a community organizer.

    I thought McCain was sluggish out of the gate and took a long time until he got to the point where he was blatantly telling viewers how backwards Obama’s ideas are.

  2. bnice

    agree on all points. in general, it was a horrible debate for all involved.

  3. Rick B.

    I tuned out after the first few minutes. What a snoozer.