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Aug 22nd 2007

thumbs down, oprah

i never liked her that much. then my wife convinced me that she was great. now, we have decided together that she had lost her touch. i don’t know what it is. if you caught her appearance on ellen degeneres’ show, you know exactly what i am talking about. she came off looking unlikable and narcissistic. clips of the interview used to be available here:, but have since been removed. if anyone knows where clips of the interview are archived, please comment.

others have noticed this narcissistic streak, and that it prevents her from doing more good in the world. daniel at candid opinions commented on the episode of oprah in which she opened the girls’ school in africa:

First, the whole thing centered on how Oprah has helped these girls rather than on how these girls are advancing and how they’ll benefit their communities.
Second, there was a sequence in the special where Oprah interviewed several of the girls individually. The girls would walk up to the door of a room where Oprah was waiting. Then, with magnificent flair, Oprah would open the door and the girls would scream with delight as they met their “hero”. Oprah would then interview the girls while the camera spent most of its time focused on Oprah’s reactions to what they were saying. I guess we can see who is important in her life.

Third, the school cost something like $43 million. I have an acquaintance who is starting a foundation that will give micro loans to starting companies in Africa and south east Asia. These loans will allow entrepreneurs to provide jobs and stability to areas that are in great need. He is currently looking for donations so that they can provide loans to thousands of people. Oprah’s school serves something like 100 girls.

a summary doesn’t do his post justice. it is a must-read.

oprah was also the scene for the tom cruise couch jumping debacle, but i suppose she cannot be blamed for that lunacy.

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