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Jul 17th 2008

Today’s program is brought to you by the letter N…

…and Jesse Jackson.

Jackson smiling for the camera
Creative Commons License photo credit: sduffy

8 Responses to “Today’s program is brought to you by the letter N…”

  1. Bill L

    I find it interesting that the person next to him had no visible reaction to the comment Jackson made. THis makes me believe that this is (dare I say) acceptable and normal behavior within Mr. Jacksons circle of friends.

    Bottom Line, if it is acceptable to the so-called “leaders” of their community, then the community has no claim to say others are using it as a racial slur.

    Jackson AND Sharpton should both be excused from the adult table.

  2. wrensis

    what another slo news day? What is this day four? who cares. You may not like Jesse Jackson but he has done more for the Black community than Obama ever will


    I sure hope that Al Sharpton asks for Jesse Jackson’s resignation from whatever it is that Jackson does. This double standard that has engulfed racism sends mixed messages to the youth of our country about what is acceptable and what is not. Shame on Jackson, Sharpton and the entire “civil rights” activists who are sitting on their hands with this one.

  4. Eileen

    Jesse and Al are the best the black community can come up with? No wonder they have so many problems being led by these two irrelevant baffoons. The two biggest jokes in America. Who cares what they say.

  5. Jeff

    JJ is the black version of Don Imus, I want all JJ corporate sponsors to pull away from this obvious racist leader. He is the black equivalent of the KKK towards his own race. Why is the news media not talking about this piece of trash 24 hrs a day. Oh yeah, I know why, hes black, duh. If a white man said this, he would be absolutely destroyed in the media. But I guess if your great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents were inslaved, then that justifies what he says. Oh yeah america, i is so sorry for being caught calling my own peoples dumb n_____r’s.

  6. JimmyD

    Why is Al Sharpton being so quiet? He and his crew wanted to crucify Imus for saying much less. I don’t get it. It is wrong for Imus to say certain things but it is ok for Jessie Jackson to say even worse things? Double standard, as always!

  7. chuckie

    This is a retarded conversation. Black people call each other the n-word all the time..just like gay people call each other gay and girls call each other sluts…teh in community can get away saying these thigns to each other

  8. Skeetz

    Jackson needs to be held up to the same standard as Imus, appology is not enough, he must be fired and kicked out from the Rainbow Coalition. Al Sharpton must be held to task because by being silent, by not saying anything, Al Sharpton condones what Jackson says. Or they should be labeled as the Beevis and Butthead as the black community.