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Jul 16th 2008

Top 2 Most Important Hockey-Related Dates In Manhattan Beach History

2. July 4, 2008: The Stanley Cup visits Manhattan Beach with Red Wings’ Brad Stuart, just weeks after the Wings defeat the Pittsburgh Penguins 4 games to 2 in hockey’s Stanley Cup Finals.

….and the number one most important date in Manhattan Beach history:

1. February 6, 2004: Travis, of fame, proposes to his wife on Manhattan Beach in the vicinity of lifeguard stand #8, just hours after his hockey team shut out UCLA 5-0.

**The following event was not included in the above list because it could not be verified**

October 19, 1519: Crews of ships carrying explorers Vasco de Gama and Francisco de Coronado meet at Manhattan Beach to celebrate finding the Fountain of Youth and the Lost City of Gold, respectively, and organize a pick up hockey game.

4 Responses to “Top 2 Most Important Hockey-Related Dates In Manhattan Beach History”

  1. Martinez

    I hadn’t realized I was near Manhattan Beach for the most important date in its history (well, in its verified history).

    I remember the day well. In fact, on the morning of Feb 6, 2004, the day had already been enshrined as the most important hockey-related date in California history because Ozzie and I had found a Mexican restaurant with delicious food, HUGE portions, and very low prices for breakfast. Little did I know, as I ate my huevos rancheros (not a good pre-game meal incidentally), that the glorious moment would be outshined that very evening.

    Naturally my breakfast held its place as the number 2 moment until just this July.

    I was just honored to be part of the greatest moment. No, I wasn’t actually there, or aware of what Travis was doing, but I did kill a 5 on 3 during that game to preserve the shutout–without which Summer would obviously had declined Travis’ proposal.

  2. Coach Edmo

    I realize there may be some chronology problems here, but I sincerely believe that Brad Stuart was immaculately conceived on that very day on that very beach!

  3. travis

    marty, without that PK, my marriage would not be what it is today. i thank you.

    coach, certainly brad shows a resemblance to me, first and foremost his NHL caliber skating and pizazz. but there it stops, for no child of mine would ever lace up the skates if it meant blocking the pens from winning the cup.

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