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Jan 21st 2007

travis’ favorites, year four

editor’s note: below you will find what i consider to be my best work from my fourth year on this blog (january 2006-december 2006). other years are here: year one (march 2003-march 2004), year two (march 2004 – december 2004) and year three (january 2005-december 2005). — travis

of the posts i authored this year, these are my favorites. i have done this “best of” / “year in review” every year, so get used to it. doug’s are still TBD (as are his favorites from years 1-3…hey, maybe this is another task we can leave to our future interns).

as with any time someone chooses a “favorite” the criteria are pretty flexible. just like my mom prefers my sister to me for no quantifiable reason, i just like some areas of this blog better than others. here they are in chronological order, starting with january of 2006:

  • american express one card (“to teach your child to save, first teach him to spend, spend, spend!“)
  • apologize for calling us violent or we’ll kill you (this and two other posts, muslims threaten violence against europeans who depict islam as violent and muhammad cartoons reverberate show us that radical islam has no sense of irony)
  • audio: ted kennedy on barack obama (“why don’t you ask osama obama?”)
  • my 1L year by the numbers (some statistics from my first year of law school)
  • lydia cornell strikes back (lydia cornell left a disparaging comment on an old post of mine, and this is my response)
  • who is to blame in the hufnagel tragedy? (hint: the driver. she slammed her ford f-150 into a parking garage wall at a maniacal 22 feet per second, knocking a 2.5 ton slab of concrete onto a pregnant woman walking on the sidewalk below)
  • 2006 stanley cup champion carolina hurricanes (i talk about the 2006 stanley cup playoffs and the history of the stanley cup. i also address the NBA playoffs briefly)
  • saddam hospitalized due to hunger strike (satire, touching on several current events of the summer of 2006)
  • al-zawahiri guilty of curtis’ dreaded paintbrush syndrome (a prominent muslim terrorist leader commits curtis’ cardinal sin)
  • curtis the sage: al-jazeera is the same as fox news (several concrete examples of al-jazeera’s reporting show it is not comparable to fox news)
  • cindy sheehan wasting away (some thoughts and a picture from day 22 of her fast)
  • steve’s rules on lying ( dug up some quotes on iraq and weapons of mass destruction. i copied and pasted them.)
  • offer: $100,000 if landis takes polygraph (i just posted a link, but fleshed out my opinion in the comments that followed)
  • fauxtography (n. news photography that exaggerates or falsifies)
  • john kerry, anti-war protests, and stubborn historical facts (using established facts, i show how the anti-war left emboldens our enemies)
  • 2L job search (it was all i hoped it would be–and more)
  • this fauxtography they catch? (reuters preens over the fact it discovered a celebrity’s photo in an entertainment magazine was airbrushed. i point out how they missed their own organization’s faked war photos)
  • bush: “we will {{flush}} the chocolate city” (UK’s guardian unlimited postulates that a CNN anchor’s microphone gaffe will become fodder for the VRWC. i provide three hypothetical scenarios.)
  • ahmadinejad thinks we’re stupid (in tehran, the iranian president calls for israel to be wiped off the map and promises death to iran’s enemies. in the US, ahmadinejad says there is no need for conflict, attacks, or hostilities, only love, peace, and friendship. i draw conclusions from this. see also strike two, ahmadinejad)
  • why not give each martin, ky resident $138,571.42? (a flood-prone town of 700 is relocated, at a cost of $97,000,000.00. i question the propriety of this.)
  • bottom quote of the day (sometimes opinion journal has their own “bottom quote of the day” selection for remarks that are of virtually no importance. i thought this one was a great candidate.)
  • 2L job search: pick the real email (i got one funny sounding rejection email, so i decided to post it alongside two outrageous ones i made up myself and see if readers could tell the difference.)
  • on democrats’ reaction to mark foley (i highlight the grave differences between democrats’ reactions to the scandals of gerry studds, bill clinton, james mcgreevey, et al, and their reaction to that of mark foley.)
  • 3000th blog comment and 350,000th blog visitor (i analyze our site’s statistics out loud)
  • ESPN’s obsessions: cross-promotion and terrell owens (i criticize the entertainment and sports network)
  • VIDEO: john kerry’s unflagging support for our military (video evidence confirms john’s true feelings. see also: photo: stupid soldiers stuck in iraq)
  • yes, virginia, terrorists do rejoice in democrat victories (someone asked me to come up with one example. sadly, i found a handful of examples in just a few seconds on google.)
  • “bush lied!” dan cried (i respond to a pitifully disingenuous comment)
  • VIDEO: michael richards (seinfeld’s “kramer”) loses it (
  • vatican: borders are inhumane; we will remove ours (satire, noting the hypocrisy of the vatican in criticizing the planned US-mexico border wall, considering the vatican is a walled country itself.)
  • whites-only scholarship at boston university (i note that critics of the new scholarship make a racist generalization in defending a ‘hispanics only’ scholarship as non-racist “because hispanics tend to be poor.”)
  • guitar tablature is copyright infringement? (i believe creators of tablature can use the fair use defense. someone else suggests there is no infringement in the first place because of the idea / expression dichotomy.)
  • david kuo: homosexuality is no worse than gossip (i explain david kuo’s religion to him)
  • UK law school: one of top 25 friendliest to women (i try to set the record straight with the UK visitors’ center)
  • last two BYU victories over utah (several videos together succeed in telling the dramatic story.)
  • more use of the ‘botched joke’ excuse (jim mora, rosie o’donnell, and wesam al delaema copy john kerry. see also “i botched the joke” revisited)
  • 12 Responses to “travis’ favorites, year four”

    1. briant

      no peach cobbler? what kind of favorites list is this. let’s not forget the jack bauer pictures either.

    2. doug


      Do not despair! Those will be on my list.

    3. katie

      If you want to make a statement like the following:

      “just like my mom prefers my sister to me for no quantifiable reason”

      then you better be able to back up such a comment with cold hard evidence. I’ll be waiting….

    4. katie

      oh wait – there IS no such evidence. now, if you want to talk about qualitative reasons, i can assist you with that.

    5. travis

      you better be able to back up such a comment with cold hard evidence.

      example 1:
      me: “mom, wife and i are trying to decide where we should settle down. are you and dad going to stay here or move to a sunny retirement spot like arizona?”
      mom: “i have a pact to live near katie”
      me (later to katie): “do you have a pact with mom?”
      katie: “no. she must have made it up.”

      example 2:
      our family has taken three family vacations in its 27+ year history. i have been included on none of them. daughter has been on all of them. this especially hurts. once i was out of the country on a mission for god. once i was in the middle of a summer semester and wasn’t told about the vacation until you guys called me from the beach. another summer, we tried and tried and tried to coordinate a good time to all go to the beach. finally mom decided it was just too complicated, so she and dad would just go by themselves. then, miraculously, one of their children (guess which one) was invited to come, and actually did join them for “a couple of days.” the lesser offspring stayed home and took care of the family dogs. we weren’t supposed to find out about the invitation, and wouldn’t have, except it appeared on a blog somewhere.

      example 3:
      daughter gets a car, no questions asked. son is begrudgingly allowed to “borrow” a car after he is nearly killed on the bike that he rode everywhere for 4 years. mother later asks for the car back from son. mom justifies this by saying, “the wife’s parents are the ones that traditionally help out financially, not the husband’s.” i had never before heard of this rule.

      example 4:
      no one comes to son’s college graduation.

      example 5:
      ….actually, i can’t go on. it is too painful. these examples definitely wouldn’t pass strict scrutiny.

    6. to be clear:

      i love my mother, and (unlike the supreme court of the united states) i would not hold any one of these examples against her.

    7. briant

      i think both you guys need to eat some of doug’s cobbler and make amends.

    8. travis

      ok. i’ll concede that i was wrong. the truth is, there are quantifiable differences between me and katie. she is smarter, more attractive, gets better grades, was less of a headache as a teenager, is a talented singer and pianist, and she plays bridge (these, among the many ways in which she is my superior).

      by saying there was no difference between us, i obscured the fact that she is awesome.

      my bad.

    9. travis

      let me also inform readers here (who may or may not have been privy to discussions on this topic at my parents’ house) that i have raised this issue with my mother and other family members, and, at least in the past, it has been somewhat jovially discussed.

      i was hoping we could keep things light here.

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