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Dec 31st 2004

travis’ favorites, year two

editor’s note: below you will find what i consider to be my best work from my second year on this blog (march 2004 – december 2004). other years are here: year one (march 2003-march 2004), year three (january 2005-december 2005), and year four (january 2006-december 2006). — travis

with the end of another year and every TV entity doing some year in review, i’ve decided to offer my year in review. these are my favorite posts of the year, listed chronologically from oldest to newest. i asked doug–whose posts, you’ll notice, are not found in this list–to send me a list of his favorites from this year, but doug is so progressive and lives SO for the moment that he wasn’t having any of it. you can read all of his posts here. the following are all mine:

  • on gay marriage ::: part VIII of many (the last in the series, sparking a heated discussion)
  • protesters with issues (the hypocrisy of liberals is especially obvious at big public protests)
  • pissing in our holy water (this “art” reminds me of human waste. spirited discussion with 22 comments)
  • newdow still retarded (semi-satirical, semi-serious piece ridiculing atheist, michael newdow, for arguing the unconstitutionality of the pledge of allegiance because it contains the phrase “under god”)
  • liberal academia (proof that the ivory tower leans left)
  • variations on a theme (hint: one variation is “accordions”)
  • palestinian children (a shadowy arab poster propagandist attempts to indoctrinate unwitting undergrads in the humanities building on a saturday. this is my story of defiance)
  • marty stephens. ready. now. (i may be personally responsible for bringing down marty stephens’ campaign for utah governor)
  • iraqi prisoner abuse (my first post pointing out hypocrisy of those who flood us with endless abu ghraib news)
  • anti-american inflammation (definitive treatment of the abu ghraib and nicholas berg incidents)
  • who’s skewing the church/state distinction? (on john kerry’s communion-worthiness issues during the 2004 presidential campaign)
  • i think the grief is getting to mr. berg (proof that severe grief may lead to insanity)
  • the fallout from my article ::: part i (i fisk a letter to the editor that was published in response to my abu ghraib article. the letter was from a BYU professor)
  • the fallout from my article ::: part ii (i fisk another letter to the editor.)
  • blind, sniping hatred of reagan (i respond to comments on the VH1 blog where ronald reagan was being slandered.)
  • black harvard grads upset: affirmative action helping too many people (problems with affirmative action at harvard)
  • utah, boy scouts trade invoices (satire, on utah’s lawsuit against the boy scouts)
  • john kerry: flopper and deceiver (i call the kerry/edwards ticket “a walking saturday night live skit” and predict their defeat in november)
  • my retirement goes up in smoke, SSA shrugs it off (problems with social security. an argument for privatization)
  • how far have we come? (a look at technological advancements and how they’re improving lives)
  • what people are saying about all-encompassingly (some good, some bad. some VERY bad)
  • evil bush steals kerry ‘bounce’ (john kerry’s post-convention disappointment)
  • quinn and maher on NPR (terri gross of NPR interviews colin quinn and bill maher)
  • ode to summer (the big engagement announcement)
  • hand dryer instructions (pictures of a very odd food-dispensing machine in a BYU bathroom)
  • mothereffer, i will kill you (my most racist-sounding post ever–but i was speaking about illegal immigration, not about the specific ethnic group involved.)
  • mixing music and politics (alice cooper, whom i remember best for his monologue on the history of milwaukee in “wayne’s world”, lays the proverbial smack down up in the hizzay)
  • atheist, marxist cash fans cry foul (marilyn manson is to johnny cash as democrats are to republicans)
  • the best news article EVER (enough said)
  • all-encompassingly picks new apostle (golf clap welcome) (i don’t know what this post proves…perhaps it reassures me that my soul is not completely lost.)
  • cheney/edwards: work horse vs. show horse (on the 2004 vice presidential debate)
  • kerry candidacy suffers crushing blow (i ridicule mr. heinze’s blatant name-dropping effort in one of the 2004 presidential debates)
  • carter and matthews brainstorm on historic parallels (one of the most outrageously idiotic and unrestrained free-for-alls in modern television history–explained)
  • “oh yeah! because democrats care about rights!” (a dispute with yet another liberal BYU english professor)
  • al-qaeda, al-jazeera to merge (satire, noting the complicit role of the arab news network, al-jazeera, in furthering the goals of the terrorist murder network, al-qaeda)
  • NPR: “we are pretty much a bunch of right-wing kooks” (i respond to a liberal news organization’s preposterous claim that american news is biased toward the right)
  • brawls abound, but not a hockey game in sight (i defend ron artest’s actions in the detroit players-fans brawl, and remind people that hockey isn’t so bad)
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