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May 19th 2009

UK Basketball: The Possibilities are Endless in 2009-2010


Kentucky’s 2009 recruiting class is ranked number one at and UPDATE: add to that UK’s #1 ranked recruiting class at

As for Louisville’s? I don’t know, my eyes got tired from scanning way down the lists.

Go Cats.

6 Responses to “UK Basketball: The Possibilities are Endless in 2009-2010”

  1. Mike

    I bet it’s pretty easy to recruit when the pitch is “come and play here becasue no one will ever play in front of you becasue we have pretty much sucked big time lately.”

    And recruiting is probably a breeze when the administration and the NCAA are happy to look the other way on sketchy ethical practice (like paying a recruit’s family–Daniel Orton?) and outright violations (Rupp, Hall, and Sutton’s entire tenures). That certainly makes the possibilities endless.

    As I recall, some of the big recruits, who actually had decent individual seasons this past years, didn’t exactly translate into success–I tried to pinpoint how last season ended up, but my eyes got pretty tired scanning so far down the rankings.

    As a side, regardless of one’s affiliation, why is the Bible of recruting–don’t they keep putting Notre Dame’s football classes at number one? That should be instant loss of all credibility.

  2. doug

    Strength of recruiting class isn’t the only determinant of a winning program, to be sure. In fairness to, it is much easier to predict quality of recruits in college basketball than football.

    Football players, it seems, don’t fully develop until their early twenties. Lebron, Carmelo, Iverson, etc, could have all played in the NBA their senior season in high school. Ray Lewis, on the other hand, would probably have ended up paralyzed trying to tackle an NFL running back at 17.

  3. doug

    Also, teenage basketball has become a farm system for the NCAA, with private schools and AAU squads. In basketball, most HS kids play against other very, very talented teams. Not so in football. Maybe this plays into it as well?

  4. Jim

    My MY, are we bitter or what? must be a mamphis, Louisvile, Duke or NC fan…

  5. Mike

    Yas, I’m a huge mamphis fan. I think they are the bast in Confarance USA. I hope they get to the alite aight this year.

    I’m also a big Louisvile fan. I think they are thriling to watch. I just can’t get my file of Louisvile basketball. I think they wile win the Big East.

  6. Tater

    Mike…. you want some cheese with that Sour Grapes Whine ?????????