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Dec 7th 2006

UK law school: one of top 25 friendliest to women

break out the bubbly!

i have, on two occasions now, overheard the campus tour guides at the university of kentucky telling visitors that the law school is “in the top 25 in the country.”

whenever i hear this, i look up from my casebook with this face:


in early 2005, when i applied, UK was ranked 50th in the nation by the most popular and widely-accepted ranking source, US news. rankings came out shortly afterwards and UK had dropped to 56th. a year later, UK is 65th. we are careening, seemingly in a free-fall, to the bottom of the second tier (or worse).

so, i thought, “maybe they mean the top 25 public law schools.” nope.

i called the visitor center. the guy looked it up in his “v-book” (which i was a little confused about, and thought it was some national publication, but it is just the UK visitor’s center book) and said that UK law school is ranked by….someone….among the top 25 law schools friendliest to women.

i recorded my side of the call. listen for my reaction when he explains what UK is actually ranked for:


UK law school is ranked in the top five by princeton review [free registration required] for “interesting and accessible professors.”

i’ve let them know about this. now maybe i’ll hear tour guides telling people i attend a school ranked “in the top five law schools in the nation.”

3 Responses to “UK law school: one of top 25 friendliest to women”

  1. That’s awesome, Travis. I didn’t know that you are in law school, either. Your blog is great.

    You were like, “I just wanted to let you know that that’s inaccurate.” Bam-thwok! Layin’ the smak down.

    They really should go with the top 5 hyperbole.

  2. briant

    if only there were rankings for top law schools friendliest to horse racing lovers. i think these misrepresentations could meet all the elements for fraud. uk: a shining example to its students.

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