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Nov 2nd 2006

VIDEO: john kerry’s unflagging support for our military

john kerry has always supported the US military. just check out this video. it is proof that we are probably taking kerry’s most recent comments (implying US troops are stupid) out of context. because john kerry would never disparage the troops. john kerry reported for duty in august 2004 and has never looked back!

from john kerry:

“If anyone thinks a veteran would criticize the more than 140,000 heroes serving in Iraq and not the president who got us stuck there, they’re crazy. This is the classic G.O.P. playbook. I’m sick and tired of these despicable Republican attacks that always seem to come from those who never can be found to serve in war, but love to attack those who did.

and from kathleen hall jamieson, director of the annenberg public policy center at the university of pennsylvania:

“It wouldn’t be like Kerry to criticize the troops”

indeed. john kerry has shown, repeatedly, his predisposition to honor and defend the troops:

in other news, one soldier died in iraq today. when asked for comment, john kerry said: “well, at least now there’s one less poor, ignorant american soldier to worry about,” adding, “if that comment upsets you, save yourself some time and go ask george bush to apologize. i won’t apologize. i served in vietnam for four months. he didn’t. he’s the elitist, not me….more caviar, butler.”

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