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Sep 30th 2006

welcome, kentucky conservative bloggers

in connection with the 2nd annual kentucky conservative blogs conference [live-blogged here, here, here, here, and here] and because there is a chance that a few of the many new people i had the opportunity to meet today may be visiting all-encompassingly for the first time, i’ve decided to post links to my past kentucky-related entries on this blog.

notice, there haven’t been that many. i have a feeling this will increase now as i start reading other kentucky blogs.

  • why not give each martin, ky resident $138,571.42? (questioning the need to spend $97 million to make a town of 700 residents flood proof….why not just ask people to move?)
  • comair flight 5191 – lexington, ky (letter from UK president lee todd in response to the plane crash that killed almost 50 people)
  • who is to blame in the hufnagel tragedy? (criticizing authorities for assuming a weak parking structure was at fault, when all evidence points to a reckless driver)
  • “non-violence” chairman suggests killing president bush (apparently the U of L non-violence chairman has no sense of irony)
  • the results are in (as to who retains international shooting-in-the-air supremacy) (results of a 2003 competition between kentuckians and saddam hussein)
  • also, as a primer on the all-encompassingly blog, i’d suggest the about the bloggers page, as well as the post where i’ve compiled comments about the site or the bloggers.

    ky-elephants21.jpg look for this image in the sidebar for links to other kentucky conservative blogs.

    thanks for visiting. y’all come back.

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