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Jan 4th 2007

four years of insults

Insults and Putdowns for Dummies - the all-encompassingly edition

now as we approach our fourth year of blogging at, i have gone through our comment history and found quite a few interesting insults directed either at travis, doug, or the blog. and i’ve realized a few things:

(1) this list has taken me a lot longer to compile this year than it ever has in the past. i’m not sure if i’ll keep doing it in the years to come (unless we acquire some interns, that is). doug, let’s look into setting up an AE internship.

(2) commenters don’t always deserve the attitude they get from me. sometimes they do because they are disingenuous, rude, or eye-rollingly repetitive. but often i think i overreact because i have such little patience for cockamamie ideas. given this realization, i could try to make some sort of new year’s resolution to be nicer or show more restraint, but i know i’d just break it in a few weeks, so why bother? i love to argue. fact.

but i will take this opportunity to apologize to a few people. i called someone a loser several months ago. he knows who he is. i just wanted to apologize….to let him know how i really feel. the truth is, i’m very sorry you are a loser. there. i said it.

to another person, whom i recently referred to with a very mild insult (contrast its severity to this one or this one) i’d also like to apologize. you are not a stupid piece of crap. in fact, for a piece of crap, you have very high intelligence.

well, it’s good to get those apologies off my chest.

we compile and repost these insults — not to claim any sort of victim status or even to imply that we don’t deserve these responses — but rather to show the strong reactions the blog has elicited from people (be they conservative or liberal, american, anti-american, canadian, australian, brazilian, italian, british, or french, black, white, or hispanic, heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, gay, or queer, mormon, evangelical, catholic, muslim, or atheist, students, or professionals, lawyers, bus drivers, teachers, D-list actresses / comediennes, scientists, political insiders, political outsiders, red staters, blue staters, immature teenagers, or bloggers). we piss them all off, and we do it fairly consistently.

now, without further ado, here’s what people have to say about our blog, all-encompassingly. for full entertainment value, if a link is available, click through to follow the complete argument. quotations are current and updated through jan 2007 and are (for the most part) in chronological order beginning with the oldest:

gives me heartburn and makes me want to hurt people.

–Carina, Hollywood Film Critic

Blatantly misleading and sensationalistic

–Reginlief, Jul 2003 [link]

D***head….great thinkings, master.

–Aug, 2003 [link]

I’m insulted.

–Sept 2003 [link]

You [are] all sniffle and twaddle, an ignorant piece of squidflesh fit only to exist on the bottom of [Helen] Thomas’s shoe

–Sept 2003 [link]

A self-absorbed bunch….take yourselves a bit too seriously. [You publish] gossipy, bitchy drivel….[you are] just another inbred hobby group….[your writing is] babble, and….is irrelevant.

–Nov 2003 [link]

You guys need to get out more.

–Jan 2004 [link]

Bordering on retardation.

–Dan, Feb 2004 [link]

you’re not terribly bright.

–Mar 2004 [link]

deeply mistaken

–BYU Professor of English, Bruce Young, Jun 2004 [link]

stop pretending you know anything about the War on Terror.

–Jeremy Bransom, Jun 2004 [link]

F*** you and your f***ing George Bush. I hope you die of oil inhalation….A**

–Brian DeLong, Jun 2004 [link]

What in the hell are you going on about? Unless you are completely stupid, you should realise….[blah, blah, blah]

–Anonymous, Aug 2004 [link]

I love when conservatives latch onto bulls*** when they’re desperate.

–Spot, Aug 2004 [link]

Open your freakin minds. We are an institution for highter learning

–Chinpira, Sept 2004 [link]

A different opinion wouldn’t corrupt you. It’s called EDUCATION. Try it.

you should try trade school.

–Joseph Price and L. O. Hadden, Sept 2004 [link]

Nice try, buddy….Apples and oranges, my friend.

–BYU professor Jason Steed [link]

You are a skillful John Edwards wannabe

You sound like a whiny liberal

–the first from Travis to Doug, and the second from Doug to Travis, Oct 2004 [link]

You….are by far the lowest scums of this universe. I am certain that you come from a weird source… Like a[n expletive] jew woman sleeping with a donkey, a horse, a monkey or something so filthy…you sons of whores and [expletive]

–Anonymous, ~Nov 2004 [link]

I am TOTALLY offended.

–Heddie Richards, Jan 2005 [link]

Oh…and Travis,Yes Your Sister has poor Taste in Movies

–Madison (who has capitalization issues), ~Jan 2005 [link]

Anybody who uses Ann Coulter to defend a point of view is discredited.

–G. Bartholemew, Feb 2005 [link]

wrong on so many counts I don’t really have the time or energy to go into them

–LaurenceB, Mar 2005 [link]

its pretty pathetic when a blog is so far out on the right-wing fringe it needs a Moderate-Conservative to balance it out.

It’s pretty clear that dissent from the (Republican) party line is not allowed around here, isn’t it?

–LaurenceB, Mar 2005 [link] who, ultimately, referred to the blog or its authors in all of the following ways:

1. appalling
2. fringe
3. pathetic
4. unproductive
5. panties in a bunch

That’s a fascinating theory, Doug.

–Andrew, Apr 2005 [link]

By the way, Doug, if you rely on people like Michelle Malkin for your facts, you’re not going to be taken seriously an impartial commentor on events.

–Andrew, May 2005 [link]

Hey you mongoloids. Try not acting like [Pol Pot, Stalin and Hitler] you ignorant punks.

–Sarcastro, ~Jun 2005 [link]

I truly didn’t believe that you guys would so enthusiastically defend human suffering.

I think it would be more constructive if you constrained yourself to addressing the issue I am bringing up.

–LaurenceB, June 2005 [link]

I have never seen a more stupid and dumb post in my life.

Wake up you, dude.

Sooo childish way to make you feel smarter.

you, thinking that English is the only and needed language in the earth. How selfish. I don’t think you would learn portuguese. Too difficult, too rich for some people.

You infantile ‘tards

–Karenin, Zila, Mary LaStrange, & Capt. K, July 2005 [link]

Oh, stop hating!

–Cynthia, July 2005 [link]

….Getting a little stale for me. I’m rapidly losing interest

You twits….bunch of trigger-happy, wanna-be pundits

–LaurenceB and Mr. Goodstuff, July 2005 [link]

You sad losers….Tossers.

[You are] a bunch of right wing oligarch cigar chomping republican wildcats!

–Roys Keane and Nicaragua, ~Aug 2005 [link]

You ethnocentric pig!….You self destructive nazy

–Anonymous, ~Aug 2005 [link]

Take more responsibility for yourself in the future.

–Scott, ~Sept 2005 [link]

this [is a] ridiculous website….[you] bury [your] heads in the sand as the truth passes [you] by.

–Haazim, Oct 2005 [link]

You guys don’t do your research….Nothing you say here makes any sense at all….smear site….Mitch would be ashamed of your lies.

–Max, Dec 2005 [link]

Are you insane or just ignorant? Possibly both.

–Hazim (new spelling, same troll), Dec 2005 [link]

That’s a pretty good argument there Travis.

Get your facts straight, like Ann Coulter does.

If you’re that afraid of the terrorists there Travis? I suggest you go purchase an underground bunker and move into it.

–Worfeus, Dec 2005 [link]

Talk about something more substantive and defensible.

You’re a troll….You must be Mormon….[I’m not] a complete a** and intellectual midget such as yourself….I won’t bother with this site anymore.

That is completely asinine!

–Stephen Valentine, scientist and entrepreneur, ~Dec 2005 [link]

There are also some interesting hypocracies in your argument

–Brad, Jan 2006 [link]

Yikes!….I’m just at a loss for words….Your analogy is narrow-minded and disappointing.

–Mark, Jan 2006 [link]

[you are] exposing your own ignorance.

[you have no] historical perspective at all.

–Sammy and Mason, Jan 2006 [link, link]

That all you boneheads got?

–Bob Hazard, UMASS writing instructor, Mar 2006 [link]

you don’t have all the facts…

–Jonathan Holtz, Apr 2006 [link]

[disappointing]….utter and expressed inability to understand the other side of the argument.

–Maggie, Apr 2006 [link]

you guys are in favor of this madness?

freakin’ idiots

–Briant and Katie, Apr 2006 [link and link]

doug, you have better things to do with your time

–Briant, Apr 2006 [link]

your line-in-stand bit of rhetoric seems kind of weak….can’t you do better….[your] cheap shot….reflects negatively on the rest of your opinions. Such lazy thought doesn’t deserve to be posted [here]….[your stance is] shortsighted and….downright retarded….I can’t tell if you’re simply exaggerating to be funny or if you’re really that asinine….I am sincerely disillusioned. I said I enjoyed your blog; in fact, I have recommended it to several others. But maybe I should reconsider.

–Scruff, Apr / May 2006 [link and link]

I wonder….if GW Bush is as insincere and conspiratorial as this blog leads me to believe

–Scruff, May 2006 [link]

You have to realize there is not even a glimpse of the Great Peacemaker’s teachings in this blog of yours.

–Lydia Cornell, semi-nude model and Christian activist, May 2006 [link]

the salient question seems to be Where has the common sense of All Encompassingly gone? [your writing] appears to have been directly channeled from Andrew Sullivan….your dislike of Bush seems be coloring your judgment.

This blog is the perfect example of how partisan politics has allowed every idiot to have strong opinions on just about anything.

–Scruff and Maggie, May 2006 [link and link]

Dude, you’re obviously not open to a fair appraisal…or you’d be slower to condemn and quicker to study the facts….it would behoove you to know what you are talking about. That’s a problem with your type though, quick to condemn without the facts.

[Y]ou choose to put forth no substantive arguement (sic)….I’ll save my replies for a time when you have something intelligent to say.

–Curtis, June 2006 [link and link]

Settle down Doug….[your comments are] totally out of line.

–Wendy, discriminating LDSelect reader, comment, June 2006 [link]

Can’t agree with you on this one Doug.

–Curtis, June 2006 [link]

I think you have been too biased by what you hear….Don’t just follow what others want you to think.

–Curtis, June 2006 [link]

Now I see the kind of people I’m dealing with here.

–Curtis, June 2006 [link]


–IP, July 2006 [link]

Wow! You guys like to throw the insults….please don’t insult me as you did the last female opinion.

–Jane, July 2006 [link]

Hmmm, interesting side you’ve fallen on on this one.

–John, July 2006 [link]

Wow. Again, a marvelous display of your intellect and fairness of mind.

–Curtis, July 2006 [link]

I’m not sure where you are getting your information….I hope that is not what you are saying….I hope you don’t pull a Coultergeist.

Your point is nonsensical….You have this preconceived notion that you can’t get out of your head….C’mon, I asked you not to pull a Coultergeist….This kind of thought process is really twisted.

Don’t stoop to Coulter’s stupidity….Your argument doesn’t hold water.

I think about a billion people disagree with you. Again you wouldn’t know because you Republicans don’t know anything about sacrifice.

Stop removing your brain from your head and believing as only a right wing nut job does. Develop some critical thinking skills….Stick to the facts to develop critical thinking skills.

–Steve Valentine (commenting as “Anonymous”) July 2006 [link and link and link and link and link]

you [are mistaken in assuming] that the rest of the world is blind and you apparently see things pretty clearly.

very ignorant simplification….Polarizing posts like these are [unhelpful], but I’ve come to expect such from this blog….monochrome posts like these are rarely worth the pixels they use.

you are affected with paintbrush syndrome.

Hey, stop using AM talk show host tactics. It never fails… when you can’t counter an argument intelligently, start calling names….you have no brain to assimilate new information, you keep spewing out the same kind of mindless word drool no matter what sort of facts you have to ignore along the way.

You’re walking on weak legs

–Curtis and John, July 2006 [link and link and link and link and link]

anyone but doug.

–John, July 2006 [link]

You suffer from that terrible myopia that afflicts so many in the White House. You have never understood the enemby (sic)….you whine.

–Steven Valentine, July 2006 [link]

self-righteous tone….really immature (Coulteresque….beyond silly)….You are in no position to make any sort of judgment….laughable….[no] critical thinking skills….[you got a] cookie-cutter education [at BYU].

Maybe I can loan some [critical thinking skills] to you (or Napolean (sic) Dynamite)

your jokes are in poor taste

Wow, this was an immature post.

–Steve and John, July 2006 [link and link and link]

Blather….rightwing B.S….you can’t handle the evidence….you go off on a tirade….I’ll leave you and your audience to your mindless word drool.

–Curtis, Aug 2006 [link]

[That was] an unusually extreme reaction….Your hostile reaction….suprises me since I came to this blog via “Planet LDS.”

James, another discriminating Planet LDS reader, Aug 2006 [link]

short power point stlye bullets, free of any pesky details, are often the best way to gain a robust knowledge of international affairs, history, and truthiness….your research skills are as sharp as Tomahawk missle.

[Travis is] an anal law student.

Cuz and John, Aug 2006 [link]

[You] could use a lesson in reading comprehension.

John, Sept 2006 [link]

I am greatly saddened by that characterization.

Brian Clark, Sept 2006 [link]

all this talk….is getting really tired….I would like to see more analysis and less name calling

mindless name-calling

APJ, Sept 2006 [link]

thanks julia child

that was the gayest post you have ever blogged.

Briant and Travis, Sept 2006 [link]

Travis needs a lesson or two in reading comprehension.

John, Oct 2006 [link]

Dude!….you are one of those who will never be convinced, no matter what, of the facts, like Old Confederates who still smart over losing the Civil War.

Dan, Oct 2006. [link]

grow a pair and watch the result of your stupidity….gungho about rushing into thigs….willing to call people traitors….[no] authority to say what being American is and what it is not.

yet again, a lack of reading comprehension….apparently you can make crap up. Hyperbole….overly-partisan….why write like this?….[un]intelligent debate.

Jay and John, Oct 2006 [link]

Dude, did you even read the article?

Dude, You’re not getting it.

Oh when will Republicans recall history accurately? Is that too much to ask for?

you still don’t get it.

Dan, Nov 2006 [link]

wow, you really did buy into Rove’s propaganda, didn’t you….looks like there is still much work to do here in America.


Dan, Nov 2006 [link]

It does no good to reason with Travis and Doug. They’ve imbibed Rove’s magic Kool-Aid for too long….there is no moral high ground with Doug and Travis….they weren’t taught [correctly]….Mormons of all people should get this….they ignore [facts]

Thank heaven’s the American public isn’t as far gone as Travis and Doug….silly arguments guys.

you really aren’t very perceptive….Don’t you ever get sick of untruths?

Steve, Nov 2006 [link]

It’s too easy to push your guys’s buttons. The election is over. I’m taking a break from politics for a while.

Dan, 11 Nov 2006 (who took about 24 hours off and was back to posting on politics on his blog on 13 Nov 2006) [link]

You probably had a few anxiety attacks along the way….Shake it off Doug. You can do it. Even one programmed with a BYU education can overcome the Jone’s punch….why do you believe this crap….your credibility as a critical thinker is nonexistent….Why do you obfuscate and blow smoke?….Your position cannot be supported with logic.

you shouldn’t lecture others on reading comprehension.

Steve and John, Nov 2006 [link and link]

get over this notion that [Iran and North Korea] are stupid.

Your brilliance shining through again Doug. You’ve read too much into this….Wake up. If you don’t recognize Bush as dumb by now, that’s a scary thing.

No Doug No!

You really missed the point

This has devolved into a silly argument.

Duh….wrong again.

you have overreached.

rather dense….[the stuff] you write [is] not worth much.

Steve, Nov 2006 [link]

Give me a break Doug….don’t expect us to read your mind.

Doug, What do you take us for? Idiots?

you warmongers

Wrong….you geniuses refuse to consider [simple math]….develop reading comprehension skills….You guys are wrong….[you] make sweeping generalizations.

Steve, Nov 2006 [link]

you were the one that got pwned.

Steve, Nov 2006 [link]

You guys really are clowns.

Steve, Nov 2006 [link]

weak reading comprehension skills….be more careful….[This speaks to] the narrowness of your own views.

John, Nov 2006 [link]

I really do wonder why you don’t research this stuff before you ridicule things.

Dan, Nov 2006 [link]

Doug has spoken. Doug the scientist speaks up! Wow, I think I’ll take your word….over the experts. You and dubbya demonstrate [arrogance]….nonsense! Stop spewing nonsense!….Wake up and stop listening to a doofas….Remember, it’s not all about you.

Steve, Nov 2006 [link]

[The purpose of your debate] isn’t clear to me.

closed [minded]….not studying the problem.

Tiffany and Steve, Nov 2006 [link]

Wake up….You can’t even talk in [scientific terms].

scientific ignorance….You don’t have the foggiest clue what you are talking about. Why don’t you guys give up?

Steve, Nov 2006 [link]

disturbing…disproportionate [coverage]. The [blog is intensely] partisan [and discredited].

just plain wrong.

[Your blog is] dedicated to mischaracterizations and discontent with the left….you can recommend some good 12 step program since you’ve been there.

You….emulate Coultergeist!

John and Steve, Dec 2006 [link]

[S]ad….unprincipled stance on issues….weak. This blog could be so much more if you would just let it be. You could be so much more.

[You have] no right to use the word idiotic.


Cronyism and the inability to debate intelligently [are your traits]

John and Steve, Dec 2006 [link]

[You like] to think [you’re] pretty smart, [but] you sure don’t like to think for yourself sometimes….[your work is] kind of childish….you really don’t have any objectivity.

Wow, you really have a hard time talking to someone when they have nuanced opinions

anyone that doesn’t agree with you is stupid….you stopped paying attention to current events in march of 2003….Come on….get real.

your credibility [is nonexistent].

We don’t need a history lesson….outright hypocrisy again….silly.

pointless talking with you

Are you retarded?….ridiculous.

ridiculous….lack of credibility

use some critical thinking skills. At least be open to different ideas.

we don’t need a lecture


inability to grasp reality

You are good fearmongers. Always have been.

Get a clue….you have a selective memory.

you can’t think for yourself or follow a discussion based on context….you espouse the elitism and social darwinism that are major tenets of LaVey’s Satanism.

Your intimations…are complete bunk.

Jay and Steve, Dec 2006 [link]

….to be continued

15 Responses to “four years of insults”

  1. Well Travis. This is a fine bit o’ work you’ve been up to. I rarely visit but hey, I’m on a mission for God (like the Blues Brothers but not really at all actually). So here it is…
    + feedback. You are one philoshopical know-it-all. That is good unless you can hear a sarcastic tone in my keyboard strokes. But that is for you and the others who read this jibberish to listen for. 😀 YEAH SMILEY At least people aren’t sending you anthrax in the mail… yet.
    Ok i’m done.
    -Elder Griggs (Lewistown, Montana)

  2. admin

    elder griggs,

    it is good to hear from you. i would tell you to get back to the holy work, but i believe visiting all-encompassingly is a sacred act, as well.

    btw, is the mailing address on current? i have a special package to send you.

  3. Patrick

    Fantastic commentary. Your work may help save this country from the ever more pathetic left.

  4. steve

    I’m not a professor at IU. My former advisor (from IU) and I are attempting to set up a biotech company here. I could never make a living in academia. Too impatient with people. Read my posts.

    Just setting the record straight.

    Stephen Valentine

  5. steve, i’ll correct that error immediately. and about the impatience thing–i never noticed it.

    take care and good luck with the business.

  6. Steve

    Thanks. You do the same.

    My apologies to anonymous too. I think I know who he is from the Times and Seasons blog.

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  11. Telepathic round of cold beers for you guys. Great post!

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  15. Dr.Know

    Wow..I’ve read a lot of blogs in my time and this one..this one really sucks. The content is light, the layout about as exciting as an annual report for a small insurance company and the “opinions” are just bullett points from a small collection of other right leaning blogs.

    Either get massively better and soon or ..well nothing. Sites as crummy as yours will just… fade… away…