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Jun 10th 2012

Where are the Obama surrogates?

What on earth is the less-than-smooth David Axelrod doing all these interviews for?

3 Responses to “Where are the Obama surrogates?”

  1. Al

    He can’t say yes or no. That would be too dangerous in this election, when they have not been able to actually change anything.

    I love the retoric that continues EVERYWHERE about putting people back to work. We are not going to see lasting improvement for years, I think.

    When will politicians realize they actually cannot impact much of anything? All they can do is regulate business. Oh they try to create business by giving grants to companies like Solyndra. Not a very good track record so far.

  2. My thought exactly Doug. The moment I saw him on CNN with Candy Crowley, I wondered why such a lackluster personality that flubs his way along in answering is the best Obama & team can do.

    Axelrod is really poor on camera, I’m not sure why he keeps showing up to be the face of the campaign. But hey, as George Will said of Occupy Wall Street, I hope we see more of it as the election approaches!

  3. The Obama Administration really thinks hiring more public sector workers will stimulate the economy and then the private sector will be “fine.”

    Such a disgrace…