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Apr 11th 2008

You Are An Individual, Just Like Everyone Else


My wife bought me a black North Face jacket last month. I wore it to school on Thursday. Much to my chagrin, so did two people who were walking directly ahead of me on the sidewalk. As I was noticing this, I looked to my right and saw two more people across the quad with the exact same jacket. Look left, there’s one more. I looked back right, and I swear — it was like a bad horror movie — there was another, new person over there also wearing the jacket. If we’re counting, that’s seven, all within steps of each other. As I sat down in class, I thought I’d take another glance around, just in case. Sure enough, there were two more people in my class with the exact same black North Face jacket.

I took the jacket off and stuffed it in my backpack.

If this is the way people dress everywhere, the people at North Face must be stinking rich.

3 Responses to “You Are An Individual, Just Like Everyone Else”

  1. M.McD

    It’s no big deal. In Utah, we all where the same underwear.

  2. Natalie

    This it the trend EVERYfWHERE. I am laughing as I am reading this short blog….this jacket is so trendy it hurts.

  3. I’m very self conscious Travis…I must have it. Are you selling yours?