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Dec 18th 2006

you are time magazine’s ‘person of the year’

congratulations. you narrowly beat out the likes of mahmoud ahmadinejad, kim jung il, and donald rumsfeld. don’t you feel special?

UPDATEinterested participant’s post on time’s ‘person of the year’ choice has to be the best:

I want to thank everyone who selected me to be TIME magazine’s “Person of the Year for 2006” and, with no misgivings, I must decline the award. No less than the Publisher’s Clearinghouse, TIME has made every person a winner.

Interestingly, I also was notified that I won the UK Lottery today and was fortunate enough to be selected to help a Nigerian princess retrieve millions of dollars from a Swiss bank. I also won an Apple iPod, a cell phone and a laptop computer.

I’m now going to make a note on my calendar indicating that 2006 was the year that TIME magazine turned the “Person of the Year” award into spam.

4 Responses to “you are time magazine’s ‘person of the year’”

  1. heh, with a list like that to work from no wonder they chose YOU, Travis. 😉

  2. So it really is all about me. I mean, us.

  3. it’s fitting for the most selfish generation in America yet, the baby-boom generation.

  4. It’s a misprint. The person of the year is the EWE: