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Nov 10th 2007

Zapatero: “Chavez, deja de ser un payaso.”

No lo dijo exactamente así, pero ese fue el mensaje.

Muy bueno.

Incluso, el rey diciendo a Hugo, “Por qué no te callas?” Je.

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3 Responses to “Zapatero: “Chavez, deja de ser un payaso.””

  1. En Venezuela tenemos años advirtiendo que Chávez es una amenaza, ahí tienen…

  2. M.McD

    I honestly believe that Hugo Chavez should be invited (ESPECIALLY to speak!) to more international forums–political and otherwise. This guy will definitely dig his own grave if people just let him. So many people have been willing to hear him out simply because the United States hate him, but now they’re starting to see what he’s all about. Just because the United State may have questionable self-serving foreign policies in Latin America doesn’t automatically make Hugo Chavez the Robin Hood of the southern hemisphere just because he’s speaking and acting out. People and organizations/governments need to be judged on the merits of their own ideology, not because of their popular attacks on a common enemy. Any man whose government would legally restrict what you can name your child (not terribly oppresive, but really freeking weird) and would change the country’s constitution to allow him to indefinitley serve as president while simultaneously increasing his personal, “congressional” power, needs to be heard in order to be recognized for what he is. Seriously, let this guy hammer in the last nail of his own coffin because the sooner he does it the better.

  3. doug


    I thought the exact same thing watching this video.